Royal Enfield Launches Clothing Collection in Thailand

Royal Enfield Launches Clothing Collection in Thailand
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The exclusive, first-of-its-kind collection is available only on Lazada.

Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size motorcycle segment, has announced the launch of its first-ever exclusive apparel collection in Thailand, available on Lazada, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. Adventurous riders can choose from a wide range of riding and premium lifestyle essentials, such as T-shirts, riding gear, mugs, headgear and travel bags.

Launching the collection in Thailand demonstrates Royal Enfield’s desire to further enhance the motorcycling experience for Thai riders, and will allow new Royal Enfield fans and existing loyal riders to express the brand’s pure motorcycling message on their own terms. The clothing range has been designed to appeal to Thai consumers’ tastes while reflecting the bold spirit of the brand.

“Thailand is one of the most important markets for Royal Enfield in the Asia-Pacific region. We have continued to strengthen our presence and offerings in Thailand, be it motorcycles, network expansion, apparel or genuine motorcycle accessories. The introduction of this exclusive premium apparel collection is yet another testament of our intent to offer the best in motorcycling to our customers,” said Vimal Sumbly, the head of international business (APAC) for Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield – exclusive apparel collection on Lazada

Due to the dynamic brand synergies with Lazada, Royal Enfield has introduced its first fashion and apparel collection exclusively on the e-commerce platform. The launch showcases that the e-commerce world is open and welcomes every brand and industry to deliver a great shopping experience to consumers.

“We are really excited about bringing this exclusive collection to Thailand in collaboration with Lazada. Our range of apparel embodies the same DNA as our motorcycles and the focus is on creating products that are timeless and reflect our heritage, yet are contemporary. The focus for us has always been safety and creating a perfect balance between the three tenets of our design philosophy – protection, comfort and style,” said Puneet Sood, the head of Royal Enfield’s apparel business.

Royal Enfield has a longstanding commitment of providing a ‘pure motorcycling’ experience and has built strong and loyal communities around the world sharing the same adventurous spirit which has driven Royal Enfield for the past 120 years. Being fiercely unique, riding ahead with undeterred grit and resilience and building pure motorcycling culture defines Royal Enfield riders and the launch of this exclusive apparel collection now allows riders and non-riders alike to fully live the Royal Enfield legacy.

Royal Enfield – exclusive apparel collection on Lazada

Royal Enfield fans in Thailand can check out the first fashion and apparel collection on Lazada (, and find T-shirts, jeans, bags, wallets, caps, gloves, as well as small motorcycle models for collectors.

About Royal Enfield Apparel

Started in 2014, Royal Enfield Apparel division was conceived with a single aim – to create an ecosystem around pure motorcycling and enhance the motorcycling experience. Safety is the prime consideration for Apparel, with three important parameters – protection, comfort and style. It strengthens the Pure Motorcycling way of life and allows emerging aspirants and existing loyalists to express themselves with the brand in numerous new ways. Relevance and being accessible for the end user are the other key attributes that Royal Enfield considers. Our apparel range consists of lifestyle apparel and protective gear.

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