Vodafone unleashes UK’s cheapest fibre broadband deals – now from just £19.50/pm Broadband deals

Vodafone unleashes UK’s cheapest fibre broadband deals – now from just £19
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Vodafone isn’t messing around with its latest broadband deals. Not only is it offering the UK’s cheapest fibre broadband prices, it’s pairing its packages with some hefty cash incentives.

On both Vodafone’s Superfast 1 and 2 plans you can get an £100 voucher with your purchase. This can be spent at Amazon, Tesco or M&S, making this deal even better value for money.

But which of the two plans is better suited to you? Superfast 1 stands out thanks to its position as the UK’s cheapest fibre plan at only £19.50 a month. That price secures you speeds averaging 35Mb.

While those speeds will be plenty for small households with a few devices connected, Vodafone’s Superfast 2 offer is better suited to you if you are gaming, working from home, or if you live in a larger household.

Superfast 2 secures you speeds averaging 63Mb while only charging £21.50 a month. After Superfast 1, this is the second cheapest offer in the UK right now and costs less than most plans with slower fibre speeds.

Vodafone’s ace new broadband deals in full

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