Reddit’s latest feature turns predictions into a tournament

Reddit’s latest feature turns predictions into a tournament
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Reddit has officially launched its new Predictions feature after piloting it for almost a year. It lets users compete by guessing the outcome of upcoming events like sports matches or awards ceremonies. Predictions build upon, and gamify, the site’s existing Polls feature from last year, allowing users to bet and earn tokens based on successful predictions as part of miniature tournaments. There’s no real money involved, just bragging rights, though Reddit says Premium members “may get special advantages or benefits in the future.

Predictions tournaments can only be posted by moderators and consist of a series of questions for users to bet on the answers to. This list can be expanded by moderators as the tournament progresses. Each user who participates is given 1,000 free tokens to answer the questions posed, like which film could win Best Picture at the next Oscars. If they’re right, then they get a share of the winnings; but if they make too many wrong predictions and lose all their tokens, then they’re out of the tournament.

An example Prediction question.
Screenshot: Reddit

It’s important to note that although Reddit allows users to pay for features like Reddit Premium, the Predictions feature currently doesn’t involve any real money. Tokens are distributed for free to anyone who wants to take part, and at the end of the tournament they’re used to calculate a leaderboard of its winners. Tokens are nontransferable and cannot be carried over between tournaments.

Reddit has been testing its Predictions feature in select subreddits for almost a year now and says over a million people have already taken part in tournaments. Past tournaments have involved guessing the outcomes of the Oscars, the 2021 Formula 1 Grand Prix, and this year’s Euros soccer tournament. Now, however, the feature is rolling out to any subreddit with more than 10,000 members.


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