Samlor Restaurant Opens Doors with Redefining Thai Food Series

Samlor Restaurant Opens Doors with Redefining Thai Food Series
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Chef Joe Napol Jantraget & Chef Saki Hoshino since exiting their previous establishment have kept themselves busy with family and developing new restaurant in Samlor, but with the COVID-19 restrictions hindering their ability to fully open, the team used delivery as a means to introduce their brand of Thai food to discerning foodies. Now, finally, with more restrictions lifted, Chef Joe and Saki will launch Samlor into the public stratosphere with the Redefining Thai Cuisine event food series at Samlor.

Samlor Food Series TaamRa ตำรา3

Inspired by, ‘TaamRa’ (ตำรา) meaning ‘treatise’: a written work or book dealing formally and systematically with a subject, the Chefs refer to the Thai recipe books which they often use when they want to find inspiration or delve deeper into Thai cuisine wisdom. The TaamRa menu will be based on this ongoing research and discovery of Thai recipes.

Samlor Food Series TaamRa ตำรา

The first TaamRa series will focus on chefs’ “Favorites” and consist of snacks, hors d’oeuvres and main course samrub (sharing) style and of course- desserts by Chef Saki. 

Reservation is available for only one round per night. TaamRa is one of the first Samlor monthly food series, following TaamRa, guests will be able to enjoy YORA’s Sweetest Afternoon and Coalescence. 

Samlor Food Series: TaamRa ตำรา | Redefining Thai Cuisine.

TaamRa , Recreating Thai Recipes:
2,600 Baht Per person

Friday        29th Oct. 
Saturday   30th Oct. 
Sunday     31st  Oct.
Monday     1st  Nov. 

Samlor Food Series TaamRa ตำรา1

Coalescent Cuisine. Thai ingredients through Global lenses: 
3,200 Baht per person

Friday       5th Nov.  
Saturday  6th Nov.  
Sunday     7th Nov.  
Monday    8th Nov.

Samlor Food Series TaamRa ตำรา4

For more information contact: Facebook / Instagram @Samlor.bkk 
Facebook event: 

1076 Charoenkrung Road Bangrak Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 am – 7.00 pm (Mondays closed)
Tel: +66 (0)64 210 1520


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