Secret Fries Bar Manfarang Bangkok, Open With All You Can Eat Moules Frites

Secret Fries Bar Manfarang Bangkok, Open With All You Can Eat Moules Frites
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Manfarang Bangkok – “For the Love of Fries” is the new hot potato of Bangkok’s foodie world. The fries forward concept that launched in 2021 with their first kiosk stall at Siam Square soi 5 has now opened a secret bar and fries shop in Sukhumvit 22 behind an inconspicuous fries counter. 

The new space is welcomed with signature menu items plus new dishes but it was the Moules Frites – Manfarang’s Mussel Day every Wednesday, an All You Can Eat Moules Frites (Mussels and Fries) Promotions which caught our undivided attention. Currently, every Wednesday at Manfarang Bangkok in Sukhumvit 22, the team offers artisanal fries, homemade mayo alongside all-you can eat local Thai Mussels at 399bht! 


The menu comprises 4 different styles/selection of Moules; Mussels Mariniere, Mussels Poulette, Mussels Curry, Mussels Tom Kha and Mussels Mix ( Try all of them ). We did try them on Bangkok Foodies behalf, and can say that our personal favourite was the Mussels Poulette which is a classic Moules Frites recipe with white wine, celery, garlic, onion, parsley and cream. If you’re avoiding cream, the Mariniere is the same but without the cream. 


The Moules are served in small bowls one at a time so you can experience every flavour infusion. The gentleman sitting next to us proclaimed he had 9 bowls, which at first glance appeared an easy feat, but upon our 4th bowl, we had to concede defeat, we were absolutely stuffed! 


Although, they were all worthy of tasting, which is why the Mussel Mix is perfect for an evening of Moules discovery. The ‘Frites’ are also unlimited, but you’ll be stretched to do more than 2 bowls when paired with the Moules. Some of the mussels might be on the petite side but we are dealing with local Thai mussels here, not the monster New Zealand types, which fits with  their philosophy of local produce, given their potatoes are also grown in Chiang Mai and ingredients are for the most part, local. Moreover, Thai mussels means they are supplied super fresh and you can tell by their silky and creamy texture. 

If you’re yet to be initiated into the world of Moules Frites, the “etiquette” discludes the use of cutlery, simply open your mussel shell with your mussel still in tact, dip the shell and mussel into the warm juice of the broth, the same dipping process can be done with the fries. Trust me. You’ll be on cloud 9, if not your 9th bowl. 


The Manfarang concept is the brainchild between 2 best friends who studied at the prestigious EHL – Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne hospitality school in Switzerland, with a heritage of Thai-Belgium and French between them. “Manfarang” (มันฝรั่ง) which translates to Potatoes in Thai, is a staple of the Belgian and French snack food culture and historically, “French Fries” as it’s commonly known globally, actually originated in Belgium. 


So there’s no wonder, popular Belgian beers are also available on their regular house menu, along with their signature Fries with choice of Vegetable or Beef Fat in various sizes or go all the way with their Loaded Fries; Classic, Larb, Mala or delve into their version of Tacos, with French “Tacos”(wraps) or classic Burgers. Manfarang highlight, apart from their housemade fries, their homemade sauces which are either mayo based, tomato based or specials like Truffle and Peanut sauces. 


If you’re looking for a fun and chilled night out and love Moule and Frites, this would quite possibly be one, if not the best offer of Moules and Frites in town at the  moment. Be sure to book your seats in advance as Wednesdays nights are almost guaranteed to be full. 


To book, message them on Facebook or give them a call at: 095-495-1820.  Don’t forget to follow their social media page to check out what’s new and limited, like the Steak and Frites or Poutine or specials like Frikandel! 


Manfarang (มันฝรั่ง)
12/3 Soi Sukhumvit 22, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Hours: Every 11.00 am to 11.00 pm
Tel: +66 (0)95 495 1820
Facebook / Instagram: Manfarang Thailand

#Manfarang #frites #homemade


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