Antonius Caviar is recognized and appreciated by some of the world’s best chefs

Antonius Caviar is recognized and appreciated by some of the world’s best chefs
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While Poland may not be the first place you think of when it comes to caviar, Antonius Caviar may just change that notion for you. As one of the top producers of caviar in Europe and the world, Antonius Caviar is recognized and appreciated by some of the world’s best chefs.

Antonius Caviar is the result of decades of breeding sturgeon combined with an intensive preparation period. The brand was established in 2014, based on the extensive knowledge of the founders and close cooperation with scientists. We had the opportunity to sample Antonius Caviar at their launch at Guitly Bangkok, Anantara Siam Bangkok, where head chef Chef Carlos Rodriguez dressed each of his Peruvian-Nikkei plates with Antonius Caviar. 

I have to say, Guilty, although the name feels a little misplaced, because actually, I find everything here so refreshing and delightful, apart from a few guilty-ish and deeply seasoned meat dishes, but Chef Carlos Rodriguez’s creations are something that more Bangkokians should seek out. Adding some of that gorgeous caviar to the food equation, and, we’re hooked, line, and sinker. Pun intended. 
Given Antonius Caviar are sturgeon breeders, first and foremost, means they have an impact on the quality of their product from the very beginning. 

Their fish farms are located in idyllic landscapes in Poland, surrounded by meadows, forests, and post-glacial moraines, and away from cities and people. The sturgeons swim in pure, deep artesian waters at the last stage of breeding, to achieve, what they claim as ‘impeccable’ taste. 

Antonius Caviar breeds two species of sturgeon: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, from which their legendary Oscietra is produced, and Acipenser baerii, from which they obtain their unique Siberian. The Siberian caviar is known for its distinctive, complex flavor and long, strong finish, while the Oscietra caviar is known for its slightly nutty flavor and mild, buttery finish.

If you’re ready to explore Bangok’s latest Caviar offering,  Antonius Caviar is the way to go and some of Bangkok’s fine dining chefs will gladly vouch for it. We know because they were there.

You can purchase a 30g tin of caviar for prices ranging from 1,450 to 1,940 baht, depending on the quality. And if you buy any four tins, you’ll get 10% off and a free mother of pearl spoon worth 250 baht!

Order via LINE: @naturesdelight.

ANTONIUS CAVIAR – 100% purebred sturgeon Caviar by the largest single producer of caviar in Europe and the 2nd largest in the world!


Antonius Caviar is recognized & appreciated by top chefs of the world’s best restaurants. With over 50+ years of fish breeding, they are truly experts!


Siberian (30g tin) – known for its distinctive, complex flavor  & a long and strong finish

5 star – 1,450 Baht/tin

6 Star – 1,660 Baht/tin

Oscietra (30g tin) – Known for its slightly nutty flavor and a mild buttery finish

5 star – 1,750 Baht/tin

6 Star – 1,940 Baht/tin

Buy any 4 tins and get 10% off + get a free mother-of-pearl spoon worth 250 Baht!



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