ChatGPT can now search the web in real time

ChatGPT can now search the web in real time
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OpenAI posted today that ChatGPT can once more trawl the web for current information, offering answers taken directly from “current and authoritative” sources, which it cites in its responses. The feature, called Browse with Bing, is only open to those with Plus and Enterprise subscriptions for now, but the company says it will roll it out “to all users soon.”

It’s a little confusing to get ChatGPT to search the web for you. The company provides instructions for the browser version, but I didn’t find the same for the iOS app. I figured it out, though. Assuming you have a subscription, it’s: three dots menu > Settings > New Features > Browse with Bing. Then, start a new chat, tap GPT-4, and “Browse with Bing.” Then your searches should return information from current websites.

It’s a little slow, but it works. And when it answers a question for you, you can click the link to the site to compare the answers. Now I know that, according to MediaMass — a website I’ve never heard of — AC/DC might be working on a new album! Given AI bots’ tendency to hallucinate, being able to check them on their sources is a huge improvement that not only means you can actually verify they’re not lying to you, but also, it’s just nice to give credit where it’s due.

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Click on ‘Profile & Settings’

Select ‘Beta features’

Toggle on ‘Browse with Bing’

Choose Browse with Bing in the selector under GPT-4.


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