Threads is celebrating its birthday with a hidden cake giving away cool new icons

Threads is celebrating its birthday with a hidden cake giving away cool new icons
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Threads is about to turn one, as Meta’s answer to X (née Twitter), officially hit the scene on July 5, 2023. Zuck sent out a pre-celebration Thread calling out more than 175 million active users on the platform, but another birthday treat is hidden in the app. 

Whether you’re on an iPhone or an Android like a Pixel, Galaxy, or Motorola, there is a new reason to open Threads and visit your profile. Why? You’ll have the opportunity to unlock some custom app icons, and Meta’s gamified the experience like a scratch-off.

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You want to click on the birthday cake, right?

Birthday icon found in the Threads app

(Image credit: Future/Jacob Krol)

Once in the Threads app on Android or iOS, you’ll want to head over to your profile by tapping the person icon in the bottom right corner. From there, you might immediately notice a new birthday cake icon – with a single candle – in between the icon for Instagram and the hamburger menu. It’s right above your profile photo. 

From there, you’ll see a new page in the app proclaiming “Threads in turning one!” The app is celebrating by letting you unlock icons designed by Thread users. 

To unlock, you simply scratch off a shiny, silver icon next to the boring old icon for Threads. On day one, July 3, 2024, you’ll score a unique interpretation of the app logo made by @maxymachen. Once revealed, you can set it as your icon, and there should be four more to unlock later on. At least, there are four blank icons on this page. 

Unlocking new Threads app icons in app.

(Image credit: Future/Jacob Krol)

Additionally, Threads notes that the ability to change your icon won’t last forever, and the functionality will end on July 12, 2024. 

This is certainly a fun way to celebrate a year of Threads, posting your own scratch-off or even rethreading or engaging with someone else’s. If you’re keen to score a fresh icon, we’d recommend heading over to the app – make sure you’re running the latest version – and scratch to reveal a new icon each day to eventually win them all.

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