Enter the Labyrinth (JJ Market)

Enter the Labyrinth (JJ Market)
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Arrive, push to the central market sprawl, get lost, stumble on trinkets and treasures, good luck in getting back out. For first-timers to JJ Market the biggest mistake is to plan. Even after years of visiting I still fail to find what I am looking for. It is a complete maze. Half a million visitors each weekend, 15,000 stalls. I can safely say there’s something for everyone. Also expect a whole lot of heat and sweat. JJ market reminds me of weekend hangovers and panicked dashes to nauseating public bathrooms. This is from five years ago when I ran a UK online business buying and selling from JJ Market. The trip forced onto me every weekend without fail. Admittedly I grew to loath JJ. Now five years later it is one of my favourite places to be on the weekend. Arriving fresh-faced and bushy-tailed for a day of people-watching and top-notch food stalls. If planning to visit JJ Market travel by MRT underground train and arrive at Kamphaeng Phet Station (not Chatuchak). For BTS Skytrain arrive at Mo Chit Station.

Eating at JJ Market

While Fanfan Shops – I Eat. JJ market is one of the best places in Bangkok for street food and cheap eats. Range and variety almost unmatched in the city with foods of all shapes and sizes lining central perimeters. From sheltered eating areas to backpacker-style beer bars. My preferred strategy here to pick up quick bites and move along. Today’s nibbles include grilled pork (moo ping), sticky rice and coconut ice cream. What I love about eating at JJ market is the youth of the food stalls. A younger generation of street food entrepreneurs. This goes the same for shops and market stalls as JJ market gives youngsters the opportunity to start-up and learn the basics of business.

Furniture Shopping

Unique to antique. Today we shop for furniture, kitchenware and home decoration. JJ market and surrounding areas beating Ikea hands down for furniture shopping. Arriving at the Kamphaeng Phet entrance follow the left lane for the better furniture shops in the market. Stick to this lane and you will come across the artsy hipster area.

Hipster Corner

Discovering something new on every visit. Today’s surprise the hipster corner (last visit giant tanks selling two metre reef sharks). As I said – Something for Everyone. Other than the hang-about hipsters in this area there are some really impressive artworks, sculptures and decorative pieces. Admittedly more expensive but more unique than the mass-produced junk often sold elsewhere. This area of the market is quite similar to the nearby Rot Fai night market Bangkok’s trendy, retro hipster hangout.


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