It’s All Happening Hia! Freak Shakes, Steaks & Pizzas at Old Town’s Newest Dive Bar

It’s All Happening Hia! Freak Shakes, Steaks & Pizzas at Old Town’s Newest Dive Bar
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If you ever find yourself stroll down an unassuming backstreet called Kalan Tan Alley in Bangkok’s old town, you might just be lucky enough to be led to a mischievous little place; the smell of pizza being baked, blue and purple glow from neon signs and nostalgic alternative rock tunes should invite you to take a closer look. We were sold right away the moment we see the name ‘Pizza Hia’ and the infamous Monitor lizards looking back at us. “Hia”, has other colourful connotations with various colloquial uses in the Thai language.

pizza hia dive bar

“We wanted to choose an iconic animal as our mascot, and what’s better than Monitor lizards? It also play with the Thai phrase, ‘Aroi hia hia’ which means f*cking delicious,” said one of the partners. This cheeky spot was founded by 3 friends who, although didn’t have any formal culinary training, share a love for food. Inspired by an easy-going atmosphere of a dive bar, they’ve chosen this former hostel location to create a relaxing space that welcomes everyone with comfort food favourites such as homemade pizza, chicken wings, steak and milkshake. Their shared love for music also means lots of great nostalgic and current tunes that will urge you to sing along.

pizza hia dive bar

While the stars of the show at Pizza Hia are Pizza and Steak, don’t skip the appetisers. Hailed all the way from Canada, the Cheesy Garlic Finger with Donair Sauce is a must try. The cheesy toast meets slightly sweet and creamy dipping is a perfect starter for the night. Baked Chicken Wings are also best to share, you will find that the seasoning of the chicken wings are just a perfect amount of crunches and herbs, we can’t get enough of it!

pizza hia dive bar

The Pizzas are the highlight here, but don’t expect a traditional Italian wood-fire pizza, as Pizza Hia has their own homemade recipe from the dough to the topping of the pizza. Take their signature pizza, the Funky BBQ Chicken for example. The homemade dough is loaded with juicy BBQ Chicken chunks, Peppers and Mozzarella Cheese. 

pizza hia dive bar

We had a chance to try one of their experimental toppings, the Pork-a-La-Salsa which comes with Grilled Pork, Red Onions, Homemade Salsa and a Fresh Basil, and it’s a perfect combination for the coming summer months. Meat lovers will also be greeted by a special treat when they visit Pizza Hia on the weekend, as foodies will be able to enjoy juicy grill steak and pork chops at a very affordable price.

Those of us with a sweeth tooth will find themselves in good hands, Pizza Hia serves ‘Freakshakes’, a larger than life version of a milkshake with fun condiments perfect for snacking and instagrammin’. Their unique recipe of ‘Lod Chong’, a famous pandan noodle dessert got remade into one of the Freakshake complete with Coconut Ice-cream, Pandan Sauce and a rainbow of candies on top. Chocolate lovers will enjoy Pizza Hia’s Chocolate Banana Freakshake which consist of rich Chocolate Ice-cream and plenty of salty pretzels and biscuits to snack on, it’s a perfect sweet and salty dessert drink to end the meal with. There are also selections of local craft beers by the bottle to choose from.

pizza hia dive bar

A cool and laid-back Dive bar atmosphere with affordable food might be hard to come by in Bangkok, so if you’re looking for somewhere to wind down after a long day and to support the local scene, head over to Pizza Hia! Watch their social media space for specials and events such as live music as well.

Pizza Hia

Hours: Wed-Fri, 12PM – 11PM, Sat, 11:30AM–11PM, Sun, 11:30AM–10PM, closed on Mon-Tue

Tel: +66098 832 8867 


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