‘No Miracles’: Wutigorn Kongka’s Solo Exhibition at Number1Gallery

‘No Miracles’: Wutigorn Kongka’s Solo Exhibition at Number1Gallery
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The show from May 8-29 draws on the artist’s fascination with ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, Renaissance art, stained glass, mosaics, Cubism and more.

Thai artist Wutigorn Kongka’s latest solo exhibition “No Miracles” runs from May 8-29 at Number1Gallery in Silom. With influences that range from ancient Greek and Roman sculpture to Renaissance art, stained glass, mosaics and even Cubism, Wutigorn has produced his own distinctive style marked by brilliant colours and striking patterns. An opening reception will be held at the gallery at 6pm on May 8.

An artist’s talent is said to be “a gift from god.” Religious tales in both Eastern and Western traditions are often reflected through art—a theme that permeates Wutigorn’s latest works. Traditionally such images were created to enhance man’s beliefs so that they might become more real in the physical world. Wutigorn’s religious representations are imbued with rich imagination as they cross over from traditional spheres into modernity. In this exhibition, the artist examines the inner soul in modern times.

The Universe of Vishnu

Wutigorn is an assistant professor in Fine Arts in the faculty of architecture at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. In addition to creating his own artwork, he frequently writes articles about contemporary art. Moreover, he served as a curator at the Bangkok Art Biennale in 2020, in addition to other prominent roles in a recent photography contest and at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.


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