Dusit Thani turns this heritage house into a Food Hub

Dusit Thani turns this heritage house into a Food Hub
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Some of the foodies may have heard of a new food hub in town — or even already visited there. Dusit Gourmet, a brand new café on Saladaeng Road is one of the outlets of Baan Dusit Thani. This outlet served as a new home for staff while Dusit Thani Bangkok, a world-renowned hospitality institution, is currently under renovation.

Bangkok Foodies/ Foodies OFFICIAL Asia discovered that this serene setting on Saladaeng road is full of history. The land belongs to the Osathanugrah family, a well-known Thai family who own Osotsapa, the manufacturer of drinks such as M-150 and Shark Stimulation. The Dusit Thani team saw a lot of potential in the property and they finally rented this historical ground from the Osathanugrah family and renovated it into a one of a kind food hub.

baan dusit thani

Stepping into this leafy food hub housing 3 new concepts from Dusit Thani, foodies will be greeted by the statue of Thai folklore, Krai Thong fighting Crocodile Lord, Chalawan. Each house within the complex hosts different dining concepts visitors can explore and enjoy. 

Dusit Gourmet

The first part of this food hub, Dusit Gourmet houses the first stand alone outlet for the beloved, original bakery concept from Dusit Thani. This cosy and nostalgic cafe doesn’t only serve quality coffees, teas, cold drinks, bakeries, and simple dishes but also healthier options for conscious foodies. Enjoy Acai Bowl (฿240), a smoothie bowl full of fresh fruits fits for vegan foodies. 

baan dusit thani

For a slightly heartier option, try Have a Toast (฿250), smashed avocado on toast which foodies can add 50 more for a poached egg on top, is a perfect choice. For meaty options, Seared Tuna and Sesame Bowl (฿350), a medium cooked Tuna with colourful veggies is another alluring dish to be considered. Pair each of the dishes with a glass of Wakey Wakey (฿150), a mixed juice contains carrot, orange, turmeric, pineapple and lemon.

Hours: Daily, 7AM-11PM


At the heart of the food hub, the main building of Baan Dusit Thani houses their sophisticated and refined concept for Dusit Thani’s original restaurant, Benjarong, where foodies can enjoy their favourite Thai classics dishes with modern techniques. Goong Hom Sabai (฿660), a dish of deep-fried tiger prawns wrapped in egg noodles with sweet and sour caviar, is a perfect appetizer. Benjarong’s Tom Yum Goong (฿495) is a Tom Yum Goong like no other. The prawns are grilled first then the spicy Tom Yum soup will be poured in the bowl at your table. See Krong Moo Krob Wan (฿470), a sweet barbeque pork ribs topped with fermented Sriracha cabbage, is another comforting favourite. Gaeng Kiew Wan See Krong Neau Toon (฿710), a generous portion of tender beef rib meets sweet and salty, green curry is a dish to die for. 

baan dusit thani

The restaurant complements its guests with refillable jasmine rice but if guests prefer other options such as Gaba rice, riceberry, sticky rice, rice noodles or fermented rice noodles (Khanom Chin), they’re ฿40 extra. End the meal with desserts like Kalamae Cake with Caramel Ice-Cream and Crispy Banana (฿280 THB) or Kaow Niew Ma Muang (฿350)

Hours: Daily, 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11PM

Thien Duong

Thien Duong is a stylish Vietnamese restaurant that was renovated from a warehouse within this food hub.  The head chef had spent his time in Vietnam for years learning Vietnamese culinary technique which he then combined with French cooking and Thai ingredients to create an authentic Vietnamese menu. Enjoy Báhn Xèo (250 THB), a turmeric crepe with minced pork, shrimp, chives and bean sprouts; Ném Nướng (410 THB), charcoal-grilled skewered pork served with vegetables and squared-rice wrap; Chạo Tôm Lụi Mía (350 THB), 100% minced shrimp on sugarcane sticks; and Phở which guests can select the choice of meat base on their liking, from Chicken (180 THB), Pork (180 THB), Beef (230 THB), Prawns (230 THB), Fish (230 THB) to Vietnamese Sausage (220 THB). 

baan dusit thani

Leave room for dessert, as a refreshing classic such as sweet sago with cantaloupe and coconut cream, Chè Trân Châu (145 THB) is a perfect closure.

Hours: Daily, 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11PM

If you happen to pass by Saladaeng area or if you’re living in the area and looking for a place to dine-in, Baan Dusit Thani, the newest food hub in town is full of choices to please any types of foodies. 


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