Opera upgrades user access to decentralized web via Unstoppable Domains Browser

Opera upgrades user access to decentralized web via Unstoppable Domains Browser
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Chromium-based web browser Opera is all set to fully integrate with blockchain domain name provider Unstoppable Domains in a bid to provide millions of its users with decentralized web access.

Opera users will now be able to access decentralized websites hosted via IPFS using Unstoppable Domains’ popular .crypto NFT addresses from the Opera browser. This will include platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux. 

Right now, Opera has over 320 million monthly active users across its offerings, following the addition of a crypto wallet to its browsers in 2019.

Unstoppable Domains was launched in 2018 and provides domain names to users with no renewal fees. 

Crypto domains

Users of Unstoppable Domains are granted full ownership and control when they claim a domain because it is minted as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Domain names such as .crypto replace complex wallet addresses for payments across over 40 cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges in addition to accessing the decentralized web through Opera.

Maciej Kocemba, Product Director at Opera said that the company believes in giving all people the ability to access the full web, regardless of the technology behind it.

“We have always supported web innovation, and the decentralized web or Web3 is the natural next wave,” added Kocemba.

“Making Unstoppable Domains accessible in the Opera browsers means our users can try blockchain technologies for themselves. Registering your .crypto domain, which is forever yours, is a great first step into Web3. It also gives people a chance to own an NFT.” 

With this collaboration, anyone will now be granted the ability to host their own decentralized website and access others.

Opera said it also supports IPFS, which helps users retrieve .crypto sites from a decentralized network of computers, rather than a cloud provider or server. 

Matthew Gould, CEO at Unstoppable Domains revealed that these domains simplify the process of transacting with a .crypto wallet, therefore, eradicating the need to remember a lengthy wallet address. 

So far, Unstoppable Domains has registered more than 600,000 blockchain domain names. In March, the company sold the most expensive domain name NFTs in history, with win.crypto, gambling.crypto, and hotels.crypto each going for $100,000.

Elsewhere, Opera recently reported its monthly active user base increased by 16 million year-over-year in the first quarter; driven by 12% and 14% year-over-year growth in core regions Africa and Europe.

“Opera’s financial outperformance this quarter is a welcome validation of our strategic approach to growth, and highlights our two complementary strengths,” noted Opera co-CEO Song Lin.


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