Dashlane’s new $3.99 password manager plan is cheaper but might not beat free

Dashlane’s new $3
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Dashlane has introduced a new $3.99 per month ($2.99 per month when charged yearly) Essentials plan for its password manager that offers some of the most popular features from its $6.49 per month Premium plan at a more affordable price. But the lower price comes with a catch — you might not be able to access your passwords on as many devices as you’d like.

Like Dashlane’s Premium plans, the new Essentials offers unlimited passwords, the ability to generate new passwords on the fly, autofill, and access to Dashlane’s Secure Notes feature for storing private text. You won’t have access to Premium features like dark web monitoring, Dashlane’s VPN, or, crucially, support for more than two devices.

That means you’ll have to pick where you access your passwords — likely your main computer and your phone — and potentially leave other devices out of the loop. It’s a similar limitation to the changes LastPass made to its free plans, only LastPass locked you out of sharing passwords between mobile devices and desktops by limiting you to a single category. At $4 a month, Dashlane doesn’t quite have that issue. (If you want the full breakdown on how Dashlane’s plans compare, check out the pricing guide on its site.)

Limits on how many devices can access passwords are particularly frustrating when you consider some free password managers support unlimited devices, like our recent favorite, Bitwarden. And Bitwarden doesn’t just remove the limit on devices — its free tier also allows for unlimited passwords, the ability to easily share them, and more. Dashlane has a free service, too, but it’s limited to only 50 passwords and can only be accessed on one device at a time.

Update April 29th, 6:08PM ET: Added yearly price for Dashlane’s Essentials plan.


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