Vodafone is the clear choice for both fibre and broadband and TV deals this weekend Broadband deals

Vodafone is the clear choice for both fibre and broadband and TV deals this weekend Broadband deals
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Vodafone has shot through the ranks to offer some of the best broadband deals we’ve seen for a while. Beating out the likes of BT, Sky, and TalkTalk for overall value, two of Vodafone’s offers are going to be the perfect choices for many right now.

If you’re just looking to keep your monthly bills low, Vodafone’s Superfast 2 plan is the perfect way to go. It has recently been priced down to match the usually cheaper Superfast 1 plan at just £22 a month.

That makes it one of the cheapest fibre broadband deals available right now and yet, it gets you speeds averaging a whopping 63Mb. That’s perfect for a large household looking to work from home, stream in HD, and have a host of smart gadgets connected up.

If you’re looking for a more complete broadband package, Vodafone’s Pro Xtra Superfast 2 plan is looking like a great choice. Yes, it costs a lot more at £43 a month but there’s a lot going into that price.

You get the same 63Mb average speeds but Vodafone will also throw in 12 months of Norton 360 Premium Antivirus, Apple TV 4K and anytime calls for free. Plus, you’ll get Vodafone’s Super Wifi Booster, a dedicated home broadband call line, automatic upgrades if faster speeds become available and a 4G backup if your internet ever goes down.

On both of these plans you’ll also get a £75 voucher that you can use at Amazon, Tesco or M&S. Realistically, the cheaper of the two is going to be the better for most but if you feel like splashing out, the Pro Xtra plan has a lot going for it.

Compare these two fibre broadband deals:

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