Creative Business AR Exhibition at Bangkok Design Week 2021

Creative Business AR Exhibition at Bangkok Design Week 2021
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The 3D animation exhibition offers five stories of unique and creative businesses that stand out in the Charoenkrung area in AR technology.

Enjoy the route by searching AR Target “I AM 3D, SCAN ME” to experience the selected 3D Animation from designers participating in the Creative Business AR Exhibition Workshop organized by AIS D.C. and The Monk Studios. The exhibition runs from now until June 20.

Homu – Traditional Japanese sweets cafe

Homu – Traditional Japanese sweets cafe in the historic building

3D Animation designed by Mr. Jiraphan Jindawong

“Homu” derives from the word Home in Japanese, which Pemika “Ying” Thanlumlethkul, the owner of the Homu, has rented a historic building in Charoenkrung 44 to locate this shop. The shop maintains the condition of the building to create an atmosphere of a house in which the decoration reveals the building’s structure and the walls that still retain their original paint and mortar.

Every menu is homemade. Pemika once learnt all of the recipes from a Japanese sweet shop in Yokohama, Japan. The signature dish is Warabimochi, a sweet made from Warabiko starch and covered soy powder or Kinako. The secret to traditional deliciousness is to pour Kuro Mitsu syrup one bite at a time for a soft and smooth texture. Another recommended menu is Japanese Water Mochi, the shop delicately uses mineral water from Mount Fuji to make a round jelly, like a drop of water, and covered with soy powder or Kinako for a light peanut aroma and eat it with Kuro Mitsu syrup, to feel delicious and refreshing.

The store may take a long time to prepare since the menu is made piece by piece to guarantee the deliciousness and the original taste. The shop also serves a wide variety of teas e.g., flower tea, fruit tea: peach, strawberry, blackcurrant, because of the Japanese culture, people enjoy hot tea with Mochi. But if anyone likes iced tea, they can also serve with ice.

Special promotion! Play the AR and spend 500 baht, get free “Kinako Soybean Powder (dine-in only)

Open Hours: Monday – Sunday (Open daily), from 8.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Follow the shop at:

Facebook: Homu ホーム

Instagram: homudessert

Creative Business AR Exhibition
Siam Bronze Factory

Siam Bronze Factory – A variety of bronze products from local craftsmanship

3D Animation designed by Mr. Khomkrit Tharawanit and Mr. Nattawat Kiram

Siam Bronze Factory, a kitchenware shop in a commercial building, located on Charoenkrung Road, not far from The Grand Postal Building. The shop, the one and only in Charoenkrung, has been selling kitchen utensils made of bronze in a long time, which the material is alloy consisting of tin and copper to create a variety of kitchenware such as spoons, forks, plates, bowls, etc. by the local craftsmen.

Inside the store is a long and shallow corridor, with a modest aisle and shining eye-catching silver and gold kitchen utensils decorated on both sides of the wall. The corridor is decorated with dim orange lights to enhance the luxurious atmosphere in the store like the products. If you are looking for the luxurious kitchenware, you can select and buy bronze products at this shop, and it also offers made-to- order pattern on the products, as well. With the beauty and uniqueness of the product, it is not difficult for people to want to buy it for their kitchen. Even some of the famous hotels have used products made by Siam Bronze shop already.

Bronze products require special antique processes, and specialized techniques from skilled craftsmen, making it impossible to produce in a large quantity. Siam Bronze Factory, however, has many products to choose. It also has a wide range of sales channels, and always promotes the product through online channels. So, even the day closed, you can still ask and order products from online store the all time.

Open Hours: Monday – Friday (open daily), from 8.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Follow the shop at:

Facebook: Siam Bronze Factory


Instagram: siambronzefactory

Line: @siambronze

Eastern Antiques

Eastern Antiques – accessory from the cracked tile, the only piece in the world

3D Animation designed by Mr. Kittipat Promkum

You don’t think that cracked old tiles can create value and become a variety of accessories, do you? Eastern Antiques, the accessory store from remnants of tiles, the only one in Charoenkrung Road that can make it happen. Khun Malai, the owner of the shop, has created a unique business by designing accessories including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and brooches from remnants of antique Chinese cracked tiles. The eye-catching patterns of glazed tiles and her creative ideas make each piece of the accessory unique, outstanding, and there is only one in the world.

The uniqueness of the product comes from Khun Malai’s intention, which to become the creative business that has been operating until today. Apart from accessory products, the shop also sells souvenirs and other antique collectibles such as sculptures and wooden carved figures of the animal. They are all displayed in the glass cabinet in the shop. If you have a chance to get there, but the door is locked, don’t worry. Just ring the bell or wave at the shop, soon they will open the door for you to enjoy shopping in the shop.

Khun Malai who is the mastermind behind the uniqueness of the products at Eastern Antiques.

There are a lot of adorable products with reasonable prices, only tens to hundreds of baht. It can be guaranteed that the products are rarely seen by teenagers nowadays. All items are made by hand, so you will not only one piece of the accessory in the world, but you will also support the local craftsmanship in Thailand that are almost fading away today. Products in the store are not sold online, those who are interested can only buy products that come from ideas with smiles and stories of Khun Malai at the storefront.

Open Hours: Monday – Saturday (closed on Sunday), from 9.00 – 17.00 hrs.

Kwang Seng Lhong – teak wood bucket

Kwang Seng Lhong – teak wood bucket for life

3D Animation designed by Mr. Piyatat Limsila

Kwang Seng Lhong, one of the few old businesses that remain in the Song Wat Road district. Multipurpose teak wood bucket, the creative business since the ancestor, the shop is located in 2 commercial buildings, near Talat Noi. Once you reach the opposite of Wat Pathum Ganga, you will see wooden buckets standing out in a variety of sizes, styles, and functions, lined up beautifully, as well as inside the shop. In the past, people used wooden buckets to store rice, ferment wine or liquors, etc. because it prevents fungi and termites. In addition, the sap can also help repel weevil from the rice as well.

In the shop, you’ll see the owners of different generations who were behind the business. One of which is Khon Noi. She always talks and gives advice in a friendly way and shows the classic equipment used to make the buckets. The shop only uses teak wood and homemade process with some equipment such as hammers, pliers, chisel, etc. in the creation of the buckets. It also provides made-to-order product service for the particular use and occasions.

The owners of different generations at Kwang Seng Lhon

Nowadays, the owners of Kwang Seng Lhong have an idea of publicizing the shop to be more well-known by participating in activities that promote businesses in the district. Therefore, if you have a chance to get there, don’t forget to visit the teak bucket shop Kuang Seng Lung to see the tenderness of the real wood bucket and experience that “Kuang Seng Lang” produces products out of the intention and attention to quality.

Open Hours: Monday – Saturday (Closed on Sunday), from 8.00 – 17.00 hrs.

Follow the shop at:

Instagram: kwangsenglhong

Line ID: kwangsenglhong

K.Muikee Tea Room

K.Muikee Tea Room – Aesthetic tea shop
3D Animation designed by Mr. Weeraphat Sanrung

The mixed tea scents attract you to step into the shop. Located in a commercial building at the Maitri Chit Junction, which is like a paradise for tea lovers. K.muikee Tea Shop offers more than 100 kinds of tea. Inside the shop, there are metal boxes containing tea leaves on the shelves decorated with Chinese characters, creating a good atmosphere of ancient China. In the other side of the shop, there is a collection of beautiful Yixing clay teapots displayed in a glass cabinet.

This tea shop has been passed down since the ancestor’s generation. Now, it is run by Khhun Nathaphon, the 3rd generation, who will brew the tea for us and introduce the detail in brewing tea, the origin, and the difference of each tea. You will be able to try a wide variety of teas that the shop uses a traditional method to roast the tea leaves according to the original authenticity, making you enjoy and feel good about drinking tea.

However, the shop does not have seats in the shop because most customers buy takeaways only. The most popular and famous is the tea called “Shui Xian”, a type of fragrant Oolong tea, one of the best teas in China, and “Pu’er”, a tea with rich aroma and flavor. The packaging used to wrap the tea is unique of the shop, which is a paper that the shop itself printed which is rare among tea shops nowadays.

Special promotion! Free tasting of 2 types of tea and a 5% discount when purchasing any type of tea leaves.

Open Hours:

Monday – Saturday (Closed Sundays) From 8.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Follow the shop at:

Facebook: @k.muikeetea


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