It’s the Schitz! The Schnitzel Factory Brings German-Italian Comfort Food to Bangkok

It’s the Schitz! The Schnitzel Factory Brings German-Italian Comfort Food to Bangkok
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It’s not only German dishes that you’ll find on the delivery-only menu at The Schnitz Factory, but also Italian and even Mexican favorites but it’s the self proclaimed, “Bangkok’s largest schnitzel-delivered in a 12 inch pizza box” which has mouths salivating and camera phones snapping across social media platforms.

Bangkok Foodies couldn’t resist testing the taste buds in what looked to be a schnitzel bigger than our heads, although in real life, it turned out to be much bigger. As aforementioned, the flattened then breaded pork comes in a 12 inch pizza box (420 THB), almost reaching to each end of the box lengthwise uses the type meat which typically comes from a butcher’s cut, basically the boneless part of the pork chop. The schnitzel is covered in a light breading and is fried to a light golden yellow-brown. The result is a warm,, thin layer of pork which has both tenderness and crisps to bite. However, those unfamiliar with Schnitzel may be expecting a traditional steak thickness, so don’t be surprised when cutting into your schnitzel, the knife barely penetrating. 

SCHNITZEL L SIZE - The Schnitz Factory

The Schnitz Factory’s schnitzel size and taste is fairly impressive but it’s the sides which seals the deal. Each schnitzel set comes with one free side and a Mushroom Gravy (all made from scratch with fresh Italian herbs and German spicing) and choice between 3 sides of either, Original spiced mash / Garlic mash or Butter Spaetzle (German egg noodles, butter pan fried) or Fries (original spiced or garlic). We went crazy for the silky smooth Mushroom Gravy and Spaetzle, with it’s squiggly mouthfeel, wonderfully bouncy texture and pan fried crisp. 

SCHNITZEL L SIZE - The Schnitz Factory (2)
Butter Spaetzle (German egg noodles, butter pan fried) - The Schnitz Factory

Elena, the founder of The Schnitz Factory expresses, “When you hear the word schnitzel, the word comfort food comes to mind right away. Just imagine the crispy crust, juicy meat, delicious gravy and side.” She has a point there, eating a schnitzel does conjure up feelings of indulgence, warmth and friendly moments. That’s the German side of Elena speaking, but Elena is also part Italian and the menu reflects ubiquitous Italian fare such as Fluffy focaccias and even a Schnitzel Focaccia for those who can’t make up their minds! She reiterates, “Dishes are inspired by those countries, sometimes with a twist and other times based on original family recipes. Since we can’t “travel”…through my food.”

The Schnitzel’s Factory’s Crispy Pork Gaucho Style (350 THB) is also a dish you can’t pass up. It’s the kind of jaw breaking crispy pork you’ve dreamed of having since you wre a kid, and the meat remains ultra juicy, ultra tender and extremely fatty – of course. Elena describes, “Back home crispy pork is very popular, as well as in many other destinations around the world. It comes in many different flavours and colors. Pistacchio reminds me of Italy, Sicily to be precise that is where the idea of combining the pork and pistachio comes from. To add a touch of Germany, I have added the mashed potato as a side.” 


The Barbacoa Tacos with salsa verde (340 THB) are also a nice, exotic touch to an otherwise eclectic European selection, and we do recommend trying whatever they highlight as everything seems to be made with quality and care, although we do strongly advise to eat the schnitzel while it’s hot. This ain’t no wait-around-for-later food, gather your mates or the fam and prepare to immediately pork-out!

BARBACOA - The Schnitz Factory

Ask for the Weekly Specials! 
*At present, delivery food only – one day pre-order only* in Bangkok 
Pre-order one day in advance via FB, IG or LINE – open everyday *** delivery only
LINE: 095 059 4063

The Schnitz Factory

The Schnitz Factory
Hours: Everyday from 9 am to 9 pm *delivery only
Tel: 095 059 4063


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