Foxtel’s slashing the price on its NBN/TV bundles Foxtel NBN and TV bundle

Foxtel's slashing the price on its NBN/TV bundles Foxtel NBN and TV bundle
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The annual EOFY sales aren’t just about buying a new laptop or phone for cheap, you can also find a great bargain for your broadband and TV needs. And it’s made even better when they’re both bundled into the same package.

Foxtel is now doing just that with its NBN and TV bundle which, just for EOFY, now gets you three months of free unlimited broadband when you sign up for a 12-month plan. But that’s not all – we did say it was a bundle!

You’ll also bag yourself some of the best entertainment streaming services at a lower price for the first three months (on those same 12-month plans) with Foxtel’s 50+ channels to cover you from TV shows to movies, even sports.

And then there’s the bonus Google Nest Hub Gen 2 smart display – valued at AU$149 – thrown into the mix for free as well.

Not only does that take care of your broadband needs, with speeds of up to 50Mbps, but your binge-watching needs are also satisfied in that one package.

Here’s what you get

The nitty-gritty details are as follows:

The offer is only available on the annual plans. There are two 12-month plans to choose from – Premium and Platinum. For the first three months, your NBN cost is AU$0/month, after which it becomes the usual AU$65/month.

The Premium TV package is discounted to just AU$75/month for the first three months, after which it reverts to AU$144/month. The Platinum option includes a Netflix subscription and will cost you AU$99/month for the first three months – from month four, it will set you back AU$164/month.

If you sign up now for the Premium bundle, all you’ll need to pay right now will be AU$79/month for three months for streaming. There are no set-top box fees, setup fees or connection fees. You won’t even need to pay for a Wi-Fi modem.

Similarly, the Platinum bundle will only cost you AU$99/month for the first three months if you sign up now, including all your expenses from broadband to setup fees.

From months 4-12, though, you will be paying AU$144/month and AU$164/month respectively. After your 12-month plan ends, the full price for both bundles increases to AU$189/month and AU$214/month respectively.

To sign up, just click on the green button above.


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