Food for Fighters ! Be Part of the #MakeGoodWaste Program This July Lockdown

Food for Fighters ! Be Part of the #MakeGoodWaste Program This July Lockdown
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Since the Government imposed a third round of dine-in bans “ lockdown “ with less than 24 hours notice for a period of 30 days, not only left restaurateurs in financial hardship but also, with food inventory that would now go to waste. Motivated by posts made by a number of Chefs and restaurant owners expressing their grave disappointment for the inventory that they would now have to lose or waste, but the Bangkok Foodies team knew exactly which organisation could help with this pressing issue.

#MakeGoodWaste, How does it work? Bangkok Foodies will support in spreading the word of this project and source/select the restaurant who would like to participate in cooking charity meal boxes for the Food for Fighters Organisation. An organisation which has been responsible for sourcing funding and using those funds to commission chefs, restaurants, cooks and volunteers to cook and  provide over 200,000 meals to those in communities suffering from the COVID-10 outbreak in Thailand. Besides Bangkok communities, they provide meals to Thailand’s field hospitals, medical centers and prisons affected by COVID-19. The positive result is, participating chefs and restaurants may be able to recover some of the costs they would have normally wasted and contribute to feeding and helping these communities in desperate need, at the same time!

How does it work:

Once a restaurant participant is confirmed with the Bangkok Foodies team, they will pass the participant’s information onto the Food For Fighters team, who will coordinate and schedule the 100 meal boxes’ date and shipping times for delivery. The food should be cooked at the participant’s restaurant or whichever kitchen is convenient on the same day or prior to the delivery. Don’t forget to take photos of your efforts so we can help to share! The Food For Fighters team, with the funding they have raised by donors, will support with a small budget per food box (1 single serve per box) to be determined once contacting the Bangkok Foodies team as it would depend on the budget available at that time. Chef or restaurant will cook 100 boxes of a meal of their choice, something affordable, easy and casual to eat, such as rice and chicken or a simple sandwich or pasta. However, the chef and restaurant participants are more than welcome to add their personal tastes and touch to their meals, as it will represent their brand. Participants are free to apply branded stickers or stamps on boxes or paper bags. See here for some of the dishes some of Bangkok celebrity chefs have made for inspiration.


The first round of #MakeGoodWaste may only accept 15 restaurant/chef participants. A second round may depend on if additional funding is available.


Period: Starting 1st July – 31st July 2021. 

The #MakeGoodWaste campaign will run for the month of July, the same period of the dine-in ban. 


Well, what can you not benefit from this?! Restaurants may rid their food waste for a great cause during this pandemic by feeding those who are sick and hungry and also by recovering some cost. We currently have 6 restaurant/chefs who have signed up for the #MakeGoodWaste program. 
Bangkok Foodies will support your brand’s efforts by posting your meal and or photos on their Bangkok Foodies Page and by adding your logo to our shout out poster after the campaign is complete.

Who to contact if I’m interested? 


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