Last chance: get AU$20p/m off Telstra’s NBN 100 for a whole year Indiana Jones with golden idol

Last chance: get AU$20p/m off Telstra’s NBN 100 for a whole year Indiana Jones with golden idol
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The EOFY sales are almost over, and if you’re in dire need of a better internet plan you might want to consider locking in Telstra’s NBN 100 discount before it ends on June 30.

Telstra has cut the cost of its NBN 100 plan down to AU$90 a month, which will save you AU$20 per month or AU$240 over an entire year. Most telcos offer these kinds of discounts for your first six months on the service, but this price will hold for your first 12 months with Telstra.

After your first year though, your monthly bill will revert back to the standard pricing of AU$110 a month, which does place it into the pricier end of NBN 100 plans. For context, the cheapest NBN 100 plan we can find comes with Spintel, and it costs AU$74 for the first six months before increasing to AU$84.95 monthly.

Telstra’s NBN plan comes with a maxed-out typical speed of 100Mbps in the evening hours, and it’s historically performed well in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) broadband reporting. You’ll also get added perks such as a three-month free trial of Binge and Telstra’s Smart Modem with 4G backup.

Speaking of that modem though, be aware that you’ll need to pay out the remaining cost of your modem if you leave Telstra within the first 24 months – which costs AU$216 – though this will be waived if you stay connected for two years. So while you’re free to jump ship anytime, do keep this in mind.

If you want ludicrously fast download speeds, Telstra’s NBN 250 plan is also reduced to AU$90 a month, but the price is only available for your first six months before it bumps up to AU$120 monthly.


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