Facebook is copying Twitter’s unique feature Facebook Messenger App

Facebook is copying Twitter's unique feature Facebook Messenger App
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Social media platforms are not only innovators but are also quick at copying the trending features from their peers. Talking about Facebook, the company wants to one-up its competitors and has thus been fairly aggressive when it comes to being a copycat. 

Talk about Snapchat-inspired Stories present on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Instagram or TikTok inspired Reel and YouTube-like IGTV, Facebook has ensured that it has the best of everything.

After recently introducing a clubhouse-like feature, Facebook is reportedly testing Twitter-like Thread on several accounts belonging to public figures.

Threads offer continuity of communication. It allows users to connect a fresh post with a previous one to give better context to readers. Though, unlike Twitter, Facebook does not have a character limit in its post, yet it could still offer clarity in the message.

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Facebook has reportedly confirmed that it is working on this feature and is testing on the accounts of a select group of eminent personalities. According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook also plans to add a “View Post Thread” button, which when clicked will show all the posts that are tied together. Ironically, Twitter doesn’t have such a button.

Since Facebook doesn’t have a character limit for the posts, this feature could find its use cases in live commentary for a game or a show. It can even come in handy while covering a developing story/event.

However, the idea could be that Facebook may want its users to publish short and crisp posts rather than write long stories. It is not very clear how long Facebook wants to test this or when it wants to make the feature available to the public.

In a related piece of news, Facebook recently introduced Bulletin, a standalone newsletter platform and lets creators publish free and paid newsletters that can be promoted on the web, sent via emails, and shared across Facebook.

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