Ted Talks come to Clubhouse with exclusive audio content Screenshot of Clubhouse app

Ted Talks come to Clubhouse with exclusive audio content Screenshot of Clubhouse app
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TED, known for its inspiring talks on the video format, had recently set out on an audio-only format. And in what seems an inevitable extension of that idea, it is partnering with the audio-only social network Clubhouse to bring TED to Clubhouse chats.

Starting today, TED will host a series of rooms on their Clubhouse channel, the official TED Club in the app

“For nearly forty years TED has brought the world’s preeminent ideas, imaginations and voices to audiences. This partnership will bring those minds into a dialogue with the millions of creators who make up the Clubhouse community,” said Kelly Stoetzel, head of thought leadership programming at Clubhouse, in a statement. 

“TED’s mission has always been to share ideas and foster discussion around them. When ideas and people come together to engage and debate, that’s when the real impact happens,” said Carla Zanoni, director of audience development at TED.

Clubhouse expects the partnership to trigger multiple rooms

Clubhouse will provide interactive and social elements to TED’s content, while the app users will be able to engage with other audience members live and ask questions.

Clubhouse expects the partnership to trigger multiple rooms, with diverse shows that could be weekly or one off or some kind of a mini-series.

Creators participating in the official TED Club will have the same creative control over and ownership of their content as all other creators on Clubhouse.

Author A J Jacobs will host the first talk, along with Clubhouse creator Mir Harris. They will commence the programming with ‘Thank Your Ass Off,’ a weekly room hosted by Jacobs. “The room builds upon an idea shared in a TED Talk, and book by Jacobs, and invites notable guests and the Clubhouse community to come together to “thank the unsung heroes of our lives,” Clubhouse said.


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