Flipkart Video hopes to make a splash with interactive web series A clip from the wen series Crime Series streaming on Flipkart Video

Flipkart Video hopes to make a splash with interactive web series A clip from the wen series Crime Series streaming on Flipkart Video
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Flipkart Video, the in-app interactive video platform from the Walmart-owned ecommerce platform, has gone under the radar despite being launched back in 2019. Flipkart Video combines interactivity and gamification for short-form snackable content with which the platform hopes to retain the eyes that log in to the app for commerce.

But it has not hit pay direct. At least not as of now, But perhaps things can change with its new offering, the second season of its investigative drama series, Crime Stories. The main attraction is that the series is interactive. What the cop, who is on the trail of a case, should do? The power to decide that now rests in the hands of the viewer. The audience determine for themselves how the story moves forward.

How does an interactive web series work?

Flipkart will put to use what it terms as ‘branching video’ technology, a feature that draws audiences to become a part of the narrative by letting them choose between different storylines. Viewers will have the option to explore alternative possibilities that each episode can take.

Actor K C Shankar, who plays the investigative cop said, “with the introduction of the ‘branching video’ feature, we had to shoot an alternate storyline which was thrilling and challenging at the same time. Audiences are looking to do more than just watch the show. They want to be involved, everyone loves having control and this new season gives them an opportunity to do just that.”

Aloka Guha, Senior Director & Head of Content, Flipkart Video said, “by introducing the branching video technology, we are giving viewers a more immersive entertainment experience that is different from anything we have done before. This introduction is built on our deep consumer understanding, which has revealed a growing fascination in taking more ‘control’ of the content they consume.”

Each episode, released daily, will be a stand-alone case, revolving around the interrogation of multiple suspects while also engaging viewers through one branching question per episode that lets them explore the story in the direction they want to. They also stand to win prizes. 

The show is now live on the Flipkart App and users can access the show by clicking on the ‘Video’ icon at the bottom right of the Flipkart app’s homepage.


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