Coconut Milk Innovators Launch Vegan Fish & Chips & Vegan Banh Mi with Nature’s Charm Products

Coconut Milk Innovators Launch Vegan Fish & Chips & Vegan Banh Mi with Nature’s Charm Products
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Sisters Marisa and Sonya Osonphasop, daughters of the first Coconut Milk manufacturers in Thailand, found their own way to further develop quality coconut milk products with their Nature’s Charm Vegan Products brand, the sisters also opened a Vegan café, Nature’s Charm Cafe, Bangkok which is now serving-up Vegan Fish & Chips and Vegan Banh Mi.

Nature’s Charm - Owner

Their journey began in 2012 when the sisters looked for dairy-free alternatives to the industrial sweet condensed milk, in order to create scrumptious vegan desserts. 2 years and 29 versions later, the duo pioneered the world’s first, Sweet Condensed Milk in 2014, then in 2015, launched Nature’s Charm Evaporated Coconut Milk.

nature's charm 3

Nature’s Charm Cafe, located in Sukhumvit 51, Bangkok, just celebrated their first year operating. They’ve done this by introducing their new menu items featuring most unlikely vegan dishes, such as Fish and Chips (390 THB) and Bahn Mi (290 THB).

nature's charm 7

We admit, we were surprised not to bite down on something white, buttery and silky as fish should be for but the Banana blossom replacement, although alarming at first bite, was really quite delicious. Earthy and soft with chewy bite and texture, the Banana blossom battered and deep fried like most vegetables, is complementary to itself but the fibers may present a bit of a nuisance for those looking for easy eatin’. The banana blossom used to create this dish comes straight from Nature’s Charm’s canned vegan products, which is certainly a great way to highlight the ‘ shelf-to-plate ‘ concept, where product-sellers create menus and are also the restaurateurs. 

The accompanied tartare sauce is mandatory to complete the The Vegan Fish & Chips meal, along with the hot and crispy chips of course. Most long-time vegans would find this an absolute pleasure but unlikely to convert purists of fish-loving, fish and chippers, unlike the Banh Mi which was by far our favourite.

nature's charm 2

Nature’s Charm Banh Mi is filled with Nature’s Charm canned juicy jackfruit products, fat pieces of soy sausage and fresh organic vegetables from Wang Nam Keaw. Foodies will be surprised and skeptical to read that this Banh Mi is absolutely scrumptious and one may find, not missing their beloved meaty proteins….much. Flavours are well-balanced and textures in-tune. With the right amount of crunch and creaminess from Nature’s Charm Vegan Cheeze, pop of fresh vegetables and vegan mayonnaise, it’s all you’re looking for in a Banh Mi and we are tempted to order it again!

nature's charm 4

Not all items hit the spot, especially for meat eaters, you’ll find the macaroni dry and lacking in taste but admirable are creations like the Vegan Fish & Chips and Vegan Banh Mi which manages to reach a palatable satisfactions without the use of dairy or animal protein. We suggest you to explore the menu for yourselves and see what fits. Surely anyone, vegan or looking to practice a flexitarian lifestyle in Bangkok, will be delighted to discover Nature’s Charm Cafe and Nature’s Charm’s Vegan products.

nature's charm 6

Nature’s Charm Cafe
Sukhumvit 51 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66(0)2 258 5860
Facebook / Instagram: @naturescharmcafe


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