EXHIBITION: Nature as Enlightenment

EXHIBITION: Nature as Enlightenment
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A new solo show by the Thai artist Surachai Donprasri runs from Aug. 7 to Aug. 28 at Number 1 Gallery in Silom.

Surachai Donprasri’s sculptures explore nature and the advantages that humans consistently take from it. Our planet’s natural resources offer a pure beauty that mankind played no part in creating. To the contrary, we have become destroyers. We neglect and depreciate the most important natural resources on Earth.

Leaves, flowers and trees feature scents and shapes that are individual and unique. The unpredictable beauty of nature is like a miracle. Yet, the beauty of nature is pure. We are surrounded by nature, and it can heal us physically and mentally.

“Nature as Enlightenment,” Surachai’s new exhibition, represents a state of awareness and realising true nature. The artist’s plants grow in steel and stainless steel, taking on unique shapes that suggest superficial beauty through an imitation of beauty and nature’s riches. The audience is invited to experience new perspectives on nature through art made of unnatural substances.

Surachai Donprasri studied sculpture at the faculty of Fine Arts, King Mongkut the institute of Technology Ladkrabang, and earned a master’s degree from Silpakorn University and a Ph.D from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Chiang Mai University. He is now an associate professor of sculpture at the Fine Arts department and a faculty member in architectural design at the institute of Technology Ladkrabang.


“Nature As Enlightenment” by Surachai Donpasri

Saturday, August 7 – Saturday August 28, 2021

Number 1 Gallery, 19 Silom 21, Bangrak


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