SHAKEN & STIRRED: Khun Jom’s Mango Sticky Rice Cocktail at The Resort Villa Rayong

SHAKEN & STIRRED: Khun Jom’s Mango Sticky Rice Cocktail at The Resort Villa Rayong
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One of Thailand’s most famous desserts inspires this unique and refreshing signature cocktail at The Resort Villa Rayong.

Mango and sticky rice is one of Thailand’s most popular desserts. People from all around the world love it—and Jom, the mixologist from The Resort Villa Rayong, thinks it might be one of your favourites, too. During the pandemic, we haven’t been able to spend many nights out, but we can still make delicious cocktails at home. This easy-to-make cocktail is the sweet and refreshing.

When people think of Rayong, they think of fresh seafood and beautiful beaches. The town is also a charming place with friendly people who speak with a cute Rayong accent. And Rayong is a fruit mecca, famous for its tropical fruits. The Resort Villa Rayong has its own farm full of fruits and vegetables.

“These things inspired us to create a signature cocktail made of tropical fruit with an authentic Thai taste,” Jom says. “I proudly present our “Mango Sticky Rice Cocktail.”

Jom introduces his special Mango Sticky Rice Cocktail.


  • Gold Rum 1 oz
  • Irish Maritime Gin 1 oz
  • Coconut Rum Liqueur ½ oz
  • Fresh Mango Juice 4 oz
  • Coconut milk 2 oz
  • Syrup 1 oz
  • Ripe Mango ½ mango

Coconut Foam

  • Coconut milk ½ oz
  • Syrup 1 oz


1. Blend coconut milk, syrup, coconut rum liqueur with crushed ice until smooth and pour into the bottom of a glass. 

2. Then blend spirits, mango and mango juice with crushed ice until smooth and pour slowly on top of the coconut mix to make a layer.

3. Shake coconut milk with syrup well, until it becomes a smooth foam. (Shake fast and hard for 1 minute.) Pour the coconut foam on top, garnish with diced mango, sticky rice and a mint leaf.

4. Enjoy!

For more information:

The Villa Resort, 334 M 3, Kram, Klaeng District, Rayong 21190

Email: [email protected]

Mango Sticky Rice Cocktail


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