‘Trauma and Care’ at Bangkok CityCity Gallery

‘Trauma and Care’ at Bangkok CityCity Gallery
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The new group exhibition features works by nine Thai artists and runs until Oct. 31 at Bangkok CityCity Gallery on Sathorn Soi 1.

Nine Thai artists headline a new exhibition at Bangkok CityCity Gallery. “Trauma and Care,” which runs until Oct. 31, showcases a selection of artworks created in the past two years, reflecting the zeitgeist of this unusual period. As protesters continue to occupy Bangkok’s streets and remain a mainstay in media, the associated trauma is experienced both first-hand and vicariously by artist and layperson alike. Consequently, the range of materials and imagery employed in the creation of these artworks reflect the urban atmosphere, giving further emphasis to the relationships that exist between them, the city and its inhabitants.

Installation view of the viewing room at “Trauma and Care” at Bangkok CityCity Gallery

The exhibition’s response is emblematic of the potential of art as an avenue for catharsis and to express solidarity and concern. It emerges as a means of igniting conversations that speculate on ways forward. Displaying these artworks in close proximity to each other in the gallery space, their placement catalyses dialogues between different artistic practices as well. In spanning a breadth of artistic responses – from nihilism to optimism, satire to serenity – the relevance of these artworks exceeds national boundaries, touching on the fundamental human need to process injury and begin the healing process.

The exhibition runs until Oct. 31.

“Trauma and Care” is held at Bangkok CityCity Gallery (Sathorn Soi 1 – near Lumphini MRT station – parking at 123 Parking) from Sept. 18 to Oct. 31. The gallery is open from Saturday to Sunday, 13:00–18:00 hrs. For visitor safety, the Viewing Room is limited attendance. Please make an appointment via https://lin.ee/KJpOxE6 in advance.

For more information, please contact:

Bangkok CityCity Gallery
13/3 Sathorn 1, South Sathorn Road,
Thung Mahamek, Bangkok, Thailand 10120
+6683 087 2725 | [email protected]

“Trauma and Care” at Bangkok CityCity Gallery.


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