ONE CHEF, ONE RECIPE: Chef Kirk Westaway of Singapore’s Jaan – “Summer’s Sweet Tomato”

ONE CHEF, ONE RECIPE: Chef Kirk Westaway of Singapore’s Jaan – “Summer’s Sweet Tomato”
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Chef Kirk Westaway of Singapore’s Michelin-starred restaurant Jaan introduces a delicious summer dish spotlighting the oxheart tomato.

Multi-award winning and internationally renowned Chef Kirk Westaway is one of the most dynamic, creative and celebrated maestros on the Michelin star dining scene. Drawing from both his English heritage and a strong culinary training under world-renowned chefs, Kirk is recognised for his mastery in reinventing gastronomic classics that are easily received as comforting and refined. Born in South West Britain, Chef Kirk has redefined Jaan by channelling his deeply rooted passion for natural flavours that are reminiscent of his childhood in England.

Today he will showcase one of his favourite ingredients to cook in the kitchen: the tomato. “One of my fondest memories is picking vegetables from my family’s garden during summer and making a small salad and eating it with my family. My mother is a vegetarian and I grew up enjoying eating vegetables. We grew carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, amongst other vegetables,” he says.

Chef Kirk Westaway of JAAN in Singapore

Taking centre stage is a vine-ripened oxheart tomato that is hollowed out. Its trimmings are simmered in a piquant mix of vinegar, seasoning and spices for six hours, creating a sweet and spicy tomato ketchup that is meticulously piped back into the blanched tomato with sophisticated finesse to restore its shape.

Ensconced within is a refreshing combination of slow-roasted tomatoes, oregano, burrata cheese, dehydrated olives and a brightly flavoured basil sorbet. Locally-sourced flowers and herbs adorn the top, together with toasted croutons.

Plated around the tomato are black olive crumbs that pull every element of the dish together. The spotlight is on an ingredient that is not usually the main star of the dish; and one can savour the simple flavours of tomato.

Summer’s Sweet Tomato with Basil and Olive

Tomato on Vine

4 pieces of tomatoes on the vine – Peel skin and hollow tomato, leaving stem attached.


10 ox-heart tomatoes – Blanch and peel 5 tomatoes. Lay the petals on a tray and dry them overnight with olive oil and garlic.

Tomato Filling

Semi dry beef tomato

Olive oil

Shallots, diced

Fresh Parmesan


Chipotle Tabasco sauce

Gherkin, diced

Instructions: Chop all ingredients and mix them together carefully. Pack these ingredients gently inside the hollow tomato.

Tomato Ketchup

2 kg ripe tomatoes

100g white onion, diced

20g garlic, peeled and chopped

100g extra virgin olive oil

5g marjoram, chopped

5g tarragon, chopped

5g parsley, chopped

1pc chilli padi, seedless

20g sugar

20g water

Instructions: Peel the tomatoes and dice them. Dice the onion, sweat in olive oil, and add garlic. Add tomatoes and chop herbs and chilli. Mix ingredients together and add water and sugar. Cook mixture slowly for about 35 minutes with a cover on low to medium heat. Cool down to room temperature. When mixture is cool, blend until a smooth consistency is attained.

Mimolette cheese pesto

15g purple garlic cloves

150g basil

200g Mimolette cheese

50g olive oil

Instructions: Blend the garlic with olive oil. Add basil and grated cheese.

Basil Sorbet

240g glucose

240g sugar

1,000g water

400g lemon juice

600g orange juice

240g basil leaves

Instructions: Mix all items together and bring to a boil. Chill mixture. When chilled, blend in the raw basil and add to your ice-cream maker until sorbet is formed.

Bread Tuille

1x White ciabatta – Slice thinly, using olive oil, bake till golden brown

Black Olive Powder

100g dried olive

100 g dark brown sugar

Instructions: Wash and dry the black olives in an oven over low temperature overnight until olives are dry. Chop them up together with sugar.

Garnish on the plate

1 stuffed tomato

3 pieces of Buratta cheese

Tomato syrup

Black olive powder

Bail leaf


Basil sorbet

Ciabatta crouton

JAAN by Kirk Westaway Summer 2021 – Summer’s Sweet Tomato with Basil and Olive


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