GoDaddy launches eBay integration for microbusinesses

GoDaddy launches eBay integration for microbusinesses
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In a bid to help microbusinesses grow their online presence, domain registrar and web hosting giant GoDaddy has teamed up with eBay  to help SMBs find new customers.

The new partnership will mean that UK entrepreneurs and microbusiness owners using GoDaddy can now sell their products on eBay through a single dashboard. 

Small business owners will be pushed to expand their ecommerce store offerings and find new customers through the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing platform.

A treat for SMBs 

Available now, the new feature enables business owners to list their inventory with eBay while using its online store feature to manage orders and shipping across various platforms.

With no additional add-ons or plug-ins needed, GoDaddy customers will have the ability to list their products with eBay, using their existing online store product catalogue.

Ben Law, Head of UK and Ireland, GoDaddy, said: “We know how important it is for small and microbusinesses to have a strong online presence and we continue to support small businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK, with an integrated suite of online tools and solutions to help them grow their business online.”

“Small business owners can have their own online store with GoDaddy, as well as sell their products and services via additional outlets too, so they are visible to more people. 

“The new integration with eBay makes it easier and quicker for busy business owners to keep track of, and manage, orders all from one central place. It is the latest in a series of our partnerships in the UK, following our integration with Instagram just three months ago.”

GoDaddy also mentions that inventory is automatically adjusted and synced as orders are received to avoid accidentally overselling out of stock items.

GoDaddy’s UK customers are not the first as the web hosting company announced back in June 2021 that its Canadian customers can now sell their products on Amazon and eBay directly through its Websites + Marketing solution. 


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