New Cheese Buffet in Bangkok Comes at an Unbeatable Price

New Cheese Buffet in Bangkok Comes at an Unbeatable Price
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New Cheese Buffet in Bangkok Comes at Unbeatable Price at VIVIN Grocery with an All-You-Can-Eat Thai Cheese Buffet and More at Only 890 THB Net !

Thai Cheese Buffet Bangkok

VIVIN Grocery introduces an all-you-can-eat monthly cheese buffet in Bangkok which highlights exclusively artisanal Thai artisanal cheese within a 1 hour and 45 minute dining timeslot. With the widest selection and range of local artisanal Thai cheese in Thailand on offer in one place, VIVIN Grocery made a name for themselves in Bangkok since they opened their first stand-alone gourmet market grocery store in Ekamai Complex in November 2019.

Founder, Nicolas Vivin has been working with Thai cheese producers since launching his own artisanal Thai cold cuts and charcuterie products at the Farmers’ Market 8 years ago. It was there the VIVIN brand expanded, along with ranges of artisanal Thai cheese and cold cuts, to become VIVIN Grocery, a grocery concept which dedicates it’s organic and all-natural range to local Thai artisanal products.

Nicolas Vivin at Thai Cheese Buffet in Bangkok

After launching their popular artisanal sandwiches and Grocerant (restaurant-in-grocery) menu concept, the VIVIN Grocery team decided it was time to put all those wonderful Thai cheeses on a humongous “platter”, quite literally. Starting with their first cheese buffet public launch on the 17th October 2021, The Thai Cheese Buffet spread, will be held one Sunday a month and will offer more than 20 different types of local premium artisanal Thai cheese along with homemade charcuterie and Thai cold cuts.

Thai Cheese Buffet Bangkok at VIVIN Grocery

For the buffet guests will have access to not only an abundance of Thai cheese and a selection of Thai cold cuts but also Thai artisanal bread and organic salad of certified organic produce from Chiang Mai, plus local Thai artisanal and homemade condiments such as pickles, jam & chutney, nuts & dry fruits and just a few international classic condiments to accompany a cheese buffet, like premium Italian olive oil & balsamic vinegar.


The Cheese Buffet also comes with a mission, since 2014 Nicolas Vivin and his partner have pushed to raise the profile of local and artisanal gourmet and fine products as an alternative to import or industrial products, along with providing farmers and artisanal producers with an income stream whilst keeping sustainability and waste management in mind. The All-Thai Cheese Buffet will be that platform to which may open up the world of possibilities of local produce to those who may otherwise have little experience or knowledge. It will also provide local Thai cheese and Thai charcuterie lovers a chance to spend a part of their Sunday routine to fully indulge in cheese and more!

Thai Cheese Buffet Bangkok at VIVIN Grocery

Luckily for cheese buffet – goers, there will be 2 time slots available but limited to 20 guests per time slot so guests must pre-book to secure their seats, yet the best news of all is that this artisanal and premium smorgasbord is available at only 890 THB Net per person !


The VIVIN Grocery team also plans to have guest producers pop up at the monthly Thai Cheese Buffets so be sure to follow the VIVIN Grocery social media channels ( Facebook: / Instagram: ) for the latest updates.

NEW! VIVIN Grocery also introduces their new terrace space in front of the store, and the outdoor dining area will expand on the weekends! Bring your family, friends and pets, they are a pet friendly restaurant in Bangkok .


#ThaiCheeseBuffet at VIVIN Grocery information

Important Additional Information for Cheese Buffet Guests:

Seating times & Booking information: ( 1 hour 45 minute dining timeslots )
11:00 AM – 12:45 PM
1:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Limited to 20 Guest limit per time slot/seating time
Group bookings (more than 2 pax ) require a booking deposit.
If guests are 15 minutes late after booked seating time, the booked table might be given away to other guests.
If a deposit was paid, it may be refunded within 72 hours notice only.
Table sharing layout.

Call: +6680 463 5747
Facebook Message VIVIN Grocery:

Instagram @VIVINGrocery / Facebook: VIVIN Grocery
VIVIN Grocery General Press Release:

Conditions: Guests will be able to experience a table sharing-style with fellow cheese lovers!
Guests are encouraged to arrive on time in order not to miss out on valuable dining minutes before the next round starts.
20+ Thai Artisanal Cheese will be available for guests to all-they-can eat but the added additional charcuteries and accompaniments will be subject to availability.
A la carte menu not available and drinks are not included
Desserts available for purchase.
At VIVIN Grocery we have a #MinimizeWaste policy. We ask visitors to be mindful of excess thoughtless food waste to avoid incurring a fee.
The Cheese range available will be subject to cheese availability from suppliers and ripeness readiness of cheeses.
All Thai Cheeses are unpasteurised and artisanally made from local raw milk.


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