Aussie Broadband discounts its stellar NBN 100 plan by AU$20

Aussie Broadband discounts its stellar NBN 100 plan by AU$20
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If your standard internet speed isn’t cutting it anymore, Aussie Broadband has a limited-time offer on its NBN 100 plans that’ll save you AU$120 over six months – you just need to sign up before October 31.

Aussie Broadband’s NBN 100/20 plan is now down to AU$79 a month for your first six months, before it reverts back to its usual monthly price of AU$99.

If you’re hoping for a better upload speed, Aussie Broadband has also discounted its NBN 100/40 plan by AU$20, so you’ll pay AU$89 a month for your first six months before it goes back to its usual cost of AU$109.

Both of these plans come with unlimited data, and a typical evening speed of 99Mbps, just shy of the 100Mbps maximum. To get AU$20 off for the first six months, you’ll need to enter the code SPOOKTOBER at checkout.

That same coupon code can also get you AU$20 off Aussie Broadband’s NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans, but we’ve found a different code that’ll save you more in these premium speed tiers.

Aussie Broadband currently offers the first month free on all its NBN plans with the code FASTMONTH. Considering its NBN 250 plan is AU$129 a month, you’ll save a smidge more in the long run by opting for the first month free, rather than AU$20 off for six months.

The same goes for Aussie Broadband’s insanely fast NBN 1000 plan. You’re better off getting the first month free with the code FASTMONTH than signing up for a monthly discount, saving you AU$149 rather than AU$120.


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