TalkTalk’s super fast fibre broadband deal comes with low costs and £90 voucher

TalkTalk's super fast fibre broadband deal comes with low costs and £90 voucher
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Black Friday is rapidly approaching and, in the build-up, we’re starting to see some really impressive broadband deals emerge. Right now, TalkTalk is offering a fantastic price – and freebie – on super fast fibre.

You can currently pick up TalkTalk’s Fibre 65 plan for only £22 a month. With this package, you’re getting speeds averaging 67Mb while paying one of the cheapest fibre prices on the market.

Those speeds will be more than plenty if you’re currently working from home, gaming a lot, or simply have a house full of smart devices and multiple connections at one time. On top of the internet plan itself, you’ll also get an £90 voucher with this deal. That can be spent at Amazon, Tesco, M&S or simply as an online-only Mastercard.

TalkTalk’s cheap fibre internet deal in full

While it isn’t the cheapest option for these speeds – that title goes to Vodafone’s Superfast 2 plan – it isn’t far off, only costing £1 more a month. Vodafone also lacks the free gift voucher that TalkTalk has and it will tie you in for a full 24 months compared to 18 with TalkTalk.

Compared to brands like BT and Sky, TalkTalk is considerably more affordable. BT’s closest package will cost you £29.99 a month (but does include a £90 Mastercard) and Sky’s closest kicks in at £33 a month.

see how this deal compares to the rest



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