Tea Pairing Showcases Endless Possibilities of French Cheese

Tea Pairing Showcases Endless Possibilities of French Cheese
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“Europe, Home of Cheese” presented a unique Instagram Live event with renowned cheese and tea experts.

“Europe, Home of Cheese” celebrated the success of its first cheese and tea pairing event hosted on Instagram Live. Hosted by Masterchef Thailand Season 1 runner-up Lisa Dawson, the live event on Nov. 3 brought together renowned French cheesemonger François Robin and the owner of Monsoon Tea, Kenneth Rimdahl.

Audience members were treated to the unlimited possibilities of European cheese, enjoying a curated selection of France’s finest paired with teas to enhance the flavours even further.

Masterchef Thailand Season 1 runner-up Lisa Dawson with the owner of Monsoon Tea, Kenneth Rimdahl

The session began with Chef François Robin delving into the different cheese on offer — their origins, terroir and unique processes — before tea specialist Rimdahl provided valuable insight into the single-origin tea varieties from Thailand. Contrary to common understanding, enjoying cheese is not limited to after-dinner or l’apero. Cheese can be appreciated at any time of day, and matching it with tea can bring the smell, flavour and texture to the fore.

Many turophiles (that’s a fancy word for cheese connoisseurs) joined the live Instagram session and eagerly interacted with the host and speakers regarding the special relationship between cheese and tea.

Five types of cow milk-based cheese were specially chosen to offer them the optimum experience.

The lineup started with the firm and savoury Comté paired with refreshing Biodiversitea, as the audience learned that a 40-kilogram wheel of this particular cheese requires 500 litres of milk. Chef Robin highlighted the buttery, mildly milky notes and gentle yet chewy texture of Comté, while Rimdahl explained how this green tea’s traces of chamomile and peach remarkably complemented the cheese.

Next up, the soft and creamy Camembert was paired with the enriching Jungle Black Tea. Known for its strength of flavour and gentleness of texture, the cheese was accentuated by the black tea’s natural aroma and sweet note at the end.

Cheese box from the event

The following stop on this premium cheese journey saw the milky Saint Paulin served alongside the lush Jungle Oolong. This creamy, salty variety, originally produced in monasteries, was beautifully complimented by the half-oxidized oolong tea for a wholesome and relaxing pairing.

After that, the creamy Pont-l’Évêque was paired with the light and fruity Rainbow Tea. Chef Robin half-jokingly described the aroma of the cheese as walking into a barnyard and hugging a cow. The most popular pairing of the session was brought to life by a tea blending black, red, blue, green, yellow, and white flavours infused with fruits like mango, papaya and passion fruit. The result: beautiful top notes which surprised even the cheesemonger.


To round out the session, the moist and soft Bleu d’Auvergne met with the delicate Lanna Silver Needle. Known for its intense flavour, this blue cheese is often recommended to try with honey or jam. In this case, the white tea chosen by Rimdahl offered a contrasting mild aroma and flavour, which made for a well-rounded experience.

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