eBay purchases sneaker authentication service Sneaker Con

eBay purchases sneaker authentication service Sneaker Con
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eBay has bought out sneaker authentication service Sneaker Con, a company that gives sneaker-lovers the peace of mind that the kicks they’re purchasing are real. The acquisition builds upon eBay’s existing relationship with the service, which began back in October 2020 when eBay first launched its sneaker vetting process.

When select sneaker brands are purchased for over $100 on eBay, the shoes go through Sneaker Con before reaching the buyer. There, the sneakers are thoroughly vetted by experts who ensure that the sneakers are authentic and match the description of the original listing.

The sneakers are then sent to the buyers with tags showing that they’ve been verified. eBay notes that since the start of the initiative, 1.55 million sneakers have been authenticated on eBay. Its stake in the sneaker market also remains steady, as 1.9 million sneakers are available on the platform daily.

“The response to our authentication offering has been overwhelming, and this acquisition allows us to continue to transform eBay and bring a higher level of trust and confidence to every transaction,” said Jordan Sweetnam, the SVP and general manager of eBay North America.

eBay offers its Authenticity Guarantee with not only sneakers but also luxury watches and handbags purchased on the platform. It also uses an unnamed third party to authenticate both types of items, which raises the question of whether eBay will buy out these services as well.


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