Gaming videos dominate the YouTube ‘Top Ten of 2021’ list in India

Gaming videos dominate the YouTube 'Top Ten of 2021' list in India
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The video platform YouTube‘s list of top videos as well as creators for the year (2021) is out for many countries and that includes India, too. Not surprisingly in India, gaming and comedy videos lead the charts.

YouTube’s Top Ten listings are available for 17 regions, providing local performance insight and emerging key trends. It’s worth noting too that many of the top creators listed have emerged from the gaming world, reiterating the significance of the sector as a key driver of web culture. 

Gaming has helped in storytelling and community building, with a notable presence across top creators, top breakout creators, top women breakout creators and even top YouTube Shorts creators.

YouTube also highlighted the top-performing music clips, as well as rising creators who’ve gained momentum throughout the year, while it also put specific focus on Shorts, its TikTok clone, which it’s now  promoting in a big way.

YouTube list is a pointer to what work and what don’t

“The main idea behind coming up with a list of popular creators is to inspire new creators. YouTube has given a proper platform to both small as well as big communities,” Satya Raghavan, Director of YouTube Content Partnerships, India, was quoted as saying by the news agency IANS.

“2021 showed us that even in challenging times, the inventiveness and creativity of our ecosystem can bring help and hope to the lives of millions of Indians,” he added.

YouTube said its viewers come to the platform to learn new skills, shape up novel passions, and discover content to watch.

Overall, YouTube’s list is a good snapshot of overall web content shifts and interests, capturing the key elements that are driving the audience interest right now.

Comedy also does well

In the top-10 list, Round2Hell’s horror-comedy zombie apocalypse short film became the number one trending video, comedy did just as well in short-form video.

Tamil song Enjoy Enjaami, which became an overnight sensation, triggered a sequence of imitations and inspirations. Many reaction videos, cover songs in Tamil and also in Hindi and Malayalam, animated re-creations, re-creations within FreeFire, make-up tutorials, and even a PSA by the Kerala Police all had huge takers on the video platform.  

Top Shorts creator A2 Motivation emerged as the most famous video on the platform.

Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) web series, Dhindora, Telugu channels Filmymoji and Funmoji, The Viral Fever (TVF) web-show Aspirants, Dice Media’s Operation MBBS and Clutch, Telugu shows like 30 weds 21 by Girl Formula and Surya were among the top shows this year on YouTube.

You can check out all the videos in the YouTube list here.


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