Today only: Telstra’s NBN plans are just AU$2

Today only: Telstra’s NBN plans are just AU$2
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For today only (Thursday, December 16), Telstra has drastically cut the cost of its NBN plans down to just AU$2 for the first two months, making this typically expensive NBN provider the absolute cheapest in the market.

The AU$2 for two months offer is available on all of Telstra’s NBN plans, with the exception of its ultra-fast NBN 1000 plan. That means you can get NBN 25 all the way up to NBN 250 for AU$2 over two months.

After those first two months, your Telstra NBN plan will revert back to its standard pricing. That’ll admittedly see prices jump to some of the higher ones on the market – you’ll be paying AU$95 a month for NBN 50, AU$110 a month for NBN 100 or AU$140 a month for NBN 250.

However, the good news this time is that unlike some of Telstra’s previous promotions, this NBN offer comes relatively risk free. If you decide to leave Telstra after the initial AU$2 for two months deal, or anytime within a 24-month period, you can return your modem and pay no exit fees.

Previously, Telstra required you to pay out the remaining cost of your modem (which is valued at AU$217) if you left the telco within 24 months. If you’re not able to send back the modem however, Telstra will charge you a AU$200 non-return fee.

While it can be hard getting past the significant price hike you’ll face after your first two months, Telstra has consistently performed well in the Australian consumer watchdog’s broadband reports, and it maxes out the typical evening speed on all plans up to NBN 250.

If you’re keen to upgrade to a better NBN provider, or you just want to up your download speed, this offer is definitely worth considering. Just don’t wait too long – you only have until midnight tonight (Thursday, December 16) to sign up for this deal.


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