UK’s cheapest fibre broadband deal just got even cheaper

UK's cheapest fibre broadband deal just got even cheaper
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With Christmas looming you probably have things you’d rather be thinking about right now than broadband deals. But if your current contract just came to an end or you’ve noticed that you’re paying through the teeth for a rolling agreement, it’s worth spending a few brief minutes to check out Vodafone’s latest offer.

Sign up to the company’s Superfast 1 plan now, and all you’ll have to pay is a mere £19 per month. Nothing upfront, no delivery or connection charges – just monthly bills of less than £20 to secure average fibre speeds of 38Mb.

That’s a very eye-catching price. But it’s worth knowing that for an extra quid a month, you can upgrade to Vodafone’s Superfast 2 plan and come close to doubling your average connection speeds (stated at 65Mb).

Which you go for will depend on the internet usage in your home. If it’s just you or a couple and you just like to stream the odd Netflix binge and leisurely surf the web, then Superfast 1 may be enough. Superfast 2 will suit large households packed with gamers, streamers, downloaders and home workers – and it’s only £1 a month more for arguably the best fibre broadband deal in the UK.

Vodafone’s cheap fibre broadband deals in full

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