Score a free month of NBN with Aussie Broadband and save up to AU$149

Score a free month of NBN with Aussie Broadband and save up to AU$149
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Keen to test out faster internet? Aussie Broadband is now offering new customers one free month on its fastest NBN plans, which could see you save up to AU$149.

The plans included in Aussie Broadband’s first-free-month deal are NBN 100/20 (AU$99p/m ongoing), NBN 100/40 (AU$109p/m ongoing), NBN 250/25 (AU$129p/m ongoing) and NBN 1000/50 (AU$149p/m ongoing). 

To get one month for free on any of these plans, you’ll need to enter the code SUMMERFREE at checkout before the offer expires on March 31.

While this deal isn’t available on the provider’s cheaper NBN plans, you can always switch to a more affordable option once your first free month is up. For an idea of what that’ll cost you, Aussie Broadband’s NBN 50 plan is AU$79 a month, while its NBN 25 is AU$69 a month.

Like most NBN deals, this offer is only available to ‘new customers’. However, if you’ve previously been with Aussie Broadband, you’ll be considered a new customer if you haven’t had an active service in the last six months.

It’s worth noting that Aussie Broadband’s NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans are only available to those who have a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) or a hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) connection. If you’re not sure what connection type you have, check your address with NBN Co.

Why sign up with Aussie Broadband?

The chance to save up to AU$149 on a super-fast NBN plan is a pretty tempting deal, but you’ll notice that the ongoing cost of Aussie Broadband’s NBN plans is rather pricey, and its plans are more expensive compared to the average price of other providers in each tier.

So what’s the benefit of signing up to Aussie Broadband? It’s a home-grown ISP that offers Australian-based support seven days a week, and it’s online user reviews are particularly glowing for an internet provider, which is no easy feat.

Aussie Broadband also reports strong typical evening speeds compared to the competition, with a typical speed of 243Mbps on its NBN 250 plan (which is only bested by Telstra). It’s a similar story in the NBN 1000 tier, as it quotes a typical evening speed of 600Mbps, second only to Telstra and its advertised speed of 700Mbps.

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