Lod Chong Cake & Durian Cheesecake in Bangkok

Lod Chong Cake & Durian Cheesecake in Bangkok
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Have you ever tried Lod Chong Cake? Neither have we! Enthralled by a fellow foodie’s post, we were compelled to try this version of the coconuty drink or icy dessert.

This refreshing treat has been enjoyed over many generations in Thailand, the radioactive green and slimy Lod Chong is pushed through a press which aids the creation of the signature worm-like shapes.

The Lod Chong are made from rice, flour, mung bean, limestone and pandan water. It is typically eaten with ice and toppings of sweet palm sugar and coconut cream. Those familiar with this dish can revert back to their childhood days just from the distinct pandan and sweet coconut aromas.

Lod Chong Cake - ivanfactory 3
Lod Chong Cake - ivanfactory

The Ivan Factory Lod Chong cake did not disappoint, surprisingly well constructed, ultra creamy and the layering well proportioned, if very sweet for my personal liking, but any sweet-toothed Lod Chong lover will surely relish it. Besides! There’s an enormous amount to go around from one tin. Pro tip : A piping hot cup of hot tea will elevate the experience.

It’s also Important to mention, one of the main secrets to this cake’s recipe is from ‘Wat Chet’ ,  a place of worship which I’ve been told is famous for Lod Chong.

Surprisingly yet, what truly blew us away was a different surprise package, Durian Cheesecake! Loaded with sumptuous and silky pieces of fresh durian which was beautifully laid over the cheesecake. The cake itself was mild and delicate and we could say outshone the previous. Either way, depending on your taste, these cakes are certainly a fab and fun way to celebrate Thai food culture and local produce.

Durian Cheesecake - ivanfactory 8
Durian Cheesecake - ivanfactory 7

*Delivery only! The cakes can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

Lod Chong cake
– 1 box = 290 THB
– 2 box = 500 THB

Package with other durian cake get 80 THB off. จับคู่กับเมนูทุเรียน/อื่นๆแบบกล่อง ลดทันที 80.-
– 1.5 pound 850 THB
– 2 pound 1,100 THB

Ivan Factory
77/35 BaanKlangMuang Ratchayothin, Soi Phahonyothin 34, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

Order via
Line : @ivanfactory
Lineman /ROBINHOOD : ivan factory
Mobile : 086-4949-365 , 062-656-3936

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