Extrovert Marketing Consulting

Extrovert Marketing Consulting
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The Boutique Experience
Extrovert Marketing Consulting

Extrovert Marketing Consulting is a one-stop shop Consulting Agency which offers customised service packages to specialise in the company brands and personal brands covering; Restaurants, Chefs, Boutique Hotels, Food and Beverage Products, F&B Services, F&B Tech, F&B Merchandise and Kitchen/Cooking Equipment.

Extrovert Marketing Consulting are much more than a PR company, we have over 10 years of valuable insight and advice, connections and experience to which are valuable to the development and success of a client’s brand and hence, evolved to become an all-encompassing Consulting Agency. The powerful network and influence the agency and media have gained across the industry over the past 10 years, along with intelligent and dynamic marketing, campaigning and lobbying strategies are all the results of Being Extrovert. 

Our reputation for dynamism and proactivity with genuine understanding and influence in the gastronomical industry have made Extrovert Consulting a sought-out boutique agency by serious F&B professional. Our agency do not advertise on public platforms and connect with desired partnerships by client referrals and other industry professionals recommendations. At Extrovert Marketing, “Consulting” is the foundation of our strengths.

The agency offers a unique combination of services under the Consulting banner. Most advantageous, the client is not obliged or locked-in to pricy, preset packaged services, but rather review from a range of services to bundle; Public Relations – Planning & Strategy, Social Media Management, Events, Content Creation, Broadcasting & Media Advertising Support and others to best suit their needs, budget and objective. We understand that business is like choosing a restaurant or meal, everyone has their own style, taste and what they would like to experience from it. 

Extrovert Marketing Consulting have also founded and manage popular online channels of communication on web and social media to which media support services may be included into packages.

The Extrovert Marketing Consulting boutique experience also means you will always be dealing directly with the agency leaders. Our method is to work intensely, efficiently and effectively with pre-planning and strategy in place, yet in leaving room for constant development. To be prepared for adaptation and change when unexpected. This is the F&B industry in Thailand after all! 

Ultimately, our objective is to get results. That our actions always speak louder than words. Our mission is to create amazing opportunities, reach, coverage and connections in which the clients has the confidence to leave their brand in our capable hands.  

“Stand Out. Be Extrovert”

Brand Strategy Consulting - Extrovert Marketing Consulting


Brand Strategy Icon

Brand Strategy Consulting:

PR, Marketing, Events & Media
Positioning | Message | Targeting | Brand Awareness
Communications Strategy & Plan | Campaigns | PR Materials
Brand & Personal Brand Strategy & Development
Offline Exposure | Events | Partnerships
Media Content & Advertising | Social Media Exposure


PR Icon

PR & Media & Influencer Relations:

Media / Blogger / Influencer & VIP sourcing
PR Strategy Development
Advertising Targeting Consulting
Campaign Development and Execution
Brand & Image Development Consulting
Press Release Distribution
Media Event & Media Fam Tour
Newsletter Email Marketing


Commu Icon

Communication Strategy & Planning:

Brand Strategy
Social Media Content Strategy
Public Relation Strategy
SEO/PR SEO Strategy
Campaign and Activity Strategy & Planning


Events Icon

Event Management:

Local and International Event Consulting and Planning
Sourcing Events for Participation ; Forums, Fairs, Festivals, Junkets, Conferences
Schedule and Planning
Facilitating on Local and International Tours


Copywriting Icon

Copywriting & Editing:

Copywriting | Presentation, About, Website Content, Short Copy, SEO writing
Press Releases Creation
Editing Communication Materials


Social Media Icon

Social Media Content Management:

Social Media Strategy Consulting and Planning
Social Media Content Management | Short Copy (caption)


Content Creation Icon

Content Creation:

Image Creation (social media photography & video)
Content and Storytelling Strategy | Touch Up Photo


Media Support Icon

Media Support & Advertising:

Sponsored Content on Extrovert Social Media Platforms
Advertising banner and space on Extrovert platforms
Sharing publications on Extrovert Platforms
Broadcasting Support


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