Twitter might soon make you pay to use TweetDeck

Twitter might soon make you pay to use TweetDeck
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Newly discovered code on Twitter’s TweetDeck site points to the company possibly making TweetDeck an exclusive feature to Twitter Blue subscribers. 

TweetDeck is a (currently) free platform that lets desktop users scroll through multiple timelines of different accounts, topics, or hashtags at once. Big proponents of the feature are media workers and businesses with multiple PR accounts that search for trending topics and interact with other Twitter users.

The rumor mill was started up when Twitter user @wongmjane, an established tipster, posted that the company is filling in a new TweetDeck signup page, advertising an ad-free experience as a big selling point. 

Previously, Wong posted that code gates on the TweetDeck app may ask for a Twitter Blue subscription in the future, and redirects a user to the signup page if they aren’t subscribed. 

Twitter has been teasing “a new & improved” TweetDeck for a while now, implying that upon launch, the app will be reworked and redesigned. 

We reached out to Twitter for any comment, and a spokesperson told us that they had nothing to share at this moment.

Analysis: All signs point to exclusivity

Keep in mind that this is just a report, but the rumors are pretty strong. If they hold true and TweetDeck does become a paid feature, it’d be another expense for businesses that take advantage of it to keep up with the numerous interactions that company accounts often receive.

TweetDeck would also be another feature in Twitter Blue’s slim portfolio and could prove interesting when paired with the rumored “ad-free experience” touted on the incomplete new site.


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