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We have had the opportunity to sample nearly every menu release since the CLARA opened their doors and suffice to say, one thing we’ve discovered is instead of signifying the “personality of the chef”,it has somewhat become “tasting the emotion of the chef”. 

Chef Christian Martena and wife and host Clara Martena had little time to enjoy the joys of an opening restaurant boom period, since COVID-19 struck.  After that seemed an emotional roller coaster ride, from great showmanship to mixed emotions. As the situation eased, the taste reflected a new-found and humble confidence to a bittersweet and carefree acceptance. We are at that point now, like many of us where we’ve simply just ‘let go’ and for the better. This menu ONCE UPON A TIME IN ITALY CHAPTER III is by far the most sensational of all. 

From beginning to end, we were walking on clouds. The ‘VENETO’ White Asparagus, Tarragon, Egg Yolk and Oscietra Caviar, absolutely stunning, the one that captivated our hearts was the TRENTINO. A barley “risotto”, which might sound a little off-putting but the earthiness and creaminess combined with the smokiness of the trout and tart of lemon balm, your palate is absolutely buzzing with pleasure. 

The EMILIA ROMAGNA of homemade Tortellini Pasta, Veal, Morel, Peas and Amarena Cherry enter at the precise moment of warmth, freshness and subtle complexities, then the ABRUZZO Duck Breast, Potato and Saffron reminds us that we still want a meal that provides heartiness, which was executed to perfection. 

Finishing off the otherwise seamless dinner, Chef Christina Martena brings desserts that take us into spring, the CAMPANIA palate cleansing Lemon, Anise, Cucumber then PUGLIA of Almond, Coffee and Strawberry and both delicate but approachable. The new menu at CLARA should leave you smiling blissfully from ear to ear, full of freshness and good emotions.

New Spring Menu « Once Upon A Time In Italy – Chapter III »
7 Régions – 3080++

Clara New Menu March 2022 3
Clara New Menu March 2022 4
Clara New Menu March 2022 2
Clara New Menu March 2022
Clara New Menu March 2022 8
Clara New Menu March 2022 5
Clara New Menu March 2022 6
Clara New Menu March 2022 1
Clara New Menu March 2022 9
Clara New Menu March 2022 7

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Tel: +66 (0)95 879 6257
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