“ I Attended Asia’s 50 Best Bars Ceremony and It Scared the Bejeezus Out of Me “ | Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 Full List

“ I Attended Asia’s 50 Best Bars Ceremony and It Scared the Bejeezus Out of Me “ | Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 Full List
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My induction into Asia’s 50 Best Bars was educational to say the least. After attending 50 Best Restaurant & Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant events mostly in Asia but also globally, I decided to expand into the world of 50 Best Bars for the first time ever, and boy – was I in for a shocker ‘slash’ treat! 


Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 was held on Thursday 28th April 2022 at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, Thailand. We were obliged to dress to code and that was “smart”, so naturally people arrived in formal party frocks, tapered suits, collared shirts, leather shoes – and some even draped in cashmere and velvet. To our surprise, when we arrived, it appeared the social function would be held outdoors and to any Bangkokian who has experienced the beginning of summer, it makes you sweat just thinking about it. 


Branded booze booths were set up along the deck and the view of the Chao Phraya at night -as always- was simply stunning. The canapes were also delish and creative. One Thai sweet comes embedded in a rose and others in chocolate soil, but that mini brioche hot dog had my heart. People wasted no time in acquainting themselves with the different types of beers, spirits and mixers on offer and also reacquainting with their long lost pre COVID-19 compadres.


There were (very) high squeals of recognition, cackles of laughter, a lot of slapping backs, bear hugs and air kisses and the intensity of camaraderie and love became stronger as the night carried on and the booze flowed ever more freely. Heat?! Who could feel the heat when there was so much electricity in the air! The peak of excitement came for the announcement ceremony, where hundreds of us were bundled into a small hall where the host counted down the bars and their ranking positions from 50-1. 


Unlike 50 Best Restaurants where we are sat comfortably with a screen the size of a small building, Asia’s Best 50 Bars feels much like a stand up show or private rock concert where the audience frequently blurt out or interrupt the performer, and nobody bats an eyelid and simply everybody who got any type of mention, received howls and hoots of support from their industry peers. 


And that’s the general feeling of Bars, they may be competition but not rivalries or if there were any, it certainly was not felt. They are an extroverted friendly bunch which will have your average extrovert feeling a little out of their comfort zone Hrem!


I found myself, instead of skulking around with my camera to take sly candid shots, as soon as someone spotted the lens facing them, hands instantly flew to the air, tongues were protruded, devil fingers raised and the biggest grins ‘plastered’ on faces, ready for capturing the moment. And it was at that moment, I stopped feeling like a Best Restaurant outsider.   


Congratulations to all and big cheers to Bangkok who made us proud this year!  

List and more photos below. 

Asia's 50 Best Bars 9
Asia's 50 Best Bars 10
Asia's 50 Best Bars 11
Asia's 50 Best Bars 13
Asia's 50 Best Bars 14
Asia's 50 Best Bars 15
Asia's 50 Best Bars 16
Asia's 50 Best Bars 17
Asia's 50 Best Bars 18
Asia's 50 Best Bars 19
Asia's 50 Best Bars 20
Asia's 50 Best Bars 21
Asia's 50 Best Bars 22
Asia's 50 Best Bars 23
Asia's 50 Best Bars 24
Asia's 50 Best Bars 25
Asia's 50 Best Bars 26
Asia's 50 Best Bars 27
Asia's 50 Best Bars 28
Asia's 50 Best Bars 29
Asia's 50 Best Bars 30
Asia's 50 Best Bars 31
Asia's 50 Best Bars 32
Asia's 50 Best Bars 33
Asia's 50 Best Bars 34
Asia's 50 Best Bars 35
Asia's 50 Best Bars 36
Asia's 50 Best Bars 37
Asia's 50 Best Bars 38
Asia's 50 Best Bars 39
Asia's 50 Best Bars 40
Asia's 50 Best Bars 41
Asia's 50 Best Bars 42
Asia's 50 Best Bars 43
Asia's 50 Best Bars 44
Asia's 50 Best Bars 45
Asia's 50 Best Bars 46
Asia's 50 Best Bars 47
Asia's 50 Best Bars 48
Asia's 50 Best Bars 49
Asia's 50 Best Bars 50
Asia's 50 Best Bars 51
Asia's 50 Best Bars 52
Asia's 50 Best Bars 53
Asia's 50 Best Bars 54
Asia's 50 Best Bars 55

10. And the Winner of Best Bar in Thailand: BKK Social Club (Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok) 

17. Tropic City

19. Vesper 

43. Asia Today 

46. The Bamboo Bar 

1. Coa, Hong Kong

2. Jigger & Pony, Singapore

3. Argo, Hong Kong

4. Tesouro, Goa

5. Bar Benfiddich, Tokyo

6. Indulge Experimental Bistro, Taipei

7. Charles H, Seoul

8. MO Bar, Singapore

9. Manhattan, Singapore

10. BKK Social Club, Bangkok

11. Sober Company, Shanghai

12. Republic, Singapore

13. Darkside, Hong Kong

14. Sidecar, New Delhi

15. No Sleep Club, Singapore

16. Quinary, Hong Kong

17. Tropic City, Bangkok

18. Hope & Sesame, Guangzhou

19. Vesper, Bangkok

20. Lamp Bar, Nara

21. The SG Club, Tokyo

22. Penicillin, Hong Kong

23. Atlas, Singapore

24. Aha Saloon, Taipei

25. Bar Trench, Tokyo

26. Hoots’, New Delhi

27. Tippling Club, Singapore

28. Bar Cham, Seoul

29. Bar Trigona, Kuala Lumpur

30. Home, New Delhi

31. Sago House, Singapore

32. The Cocktail Club, Jakarta

33. The Pontiac, Hong Kong

34. The Wise King, Hong Kong

35. Junglebird, Kuala Lumpur

36. Nutmeg & Clove, Singapore

37. Analogue, Singapore

38. The Aubrey, Hong Kong

39. Le Chamber, Seoul

40. Alice, Seoul

41. Memento Mori, Tokyo

42. Smoke & bitters, Hiriketiya

43. Asia Today, Bangkok

44. Capitas, Bengaluru

45. Union Trading Company, Shanghai

46. The Bamboo Bar, Bangkok

47. Bee’s Knees, Kyoto

48. Zest, Seoul

49. 28 HongKong Street, Hong Kong

50. Speak Low, Shanghai

64. Teens of Thailand

69. Smalls, Bangkok


88. The Loft, Bangkok

51 Room by Le Kief, Taipei

52 Epic, Shanghai

53 Tell Camellia, Hong Kong

54 PCO, New Delhi

55 Honky Tonks Tavern, Hong Kong

56 Quality Goods Club, Hong Kong

57 Soko, Seoul

58 D.Bespoke, Singapore

59 Pine & Co, Seoul

60 Smoke & Mirrors, Singapore

61 Papa Doble Bar, Singapore

62 The Curator, Manila

63 Oto, Manila

64 Teens of Thailand, Bangkok

65 Live Twice, Singapore

66 Origin Grill & Bar, Singapore

67 Ark Lounge, Aomori

68 The Public House, Taipei

69 Smalls, Bangkok

70 Three X Co, Kuala Lumpur

71 Mizunara: The Library, Hong Kong

72 Cocktail Bar Nemanja, Yokohama

73 The Living Room, Mumbai

74 The Sailing Bar, Nara

75 Shin Gi Tai, Singapore

76 The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

77 Employees Only, Singapore


79 Bar Rocking Chair, Kyoto

80 Bar Landscape, Tokyo

81 The Old Man, Hong Kong

82 Mesa, Macau

83 Mixology Bar, Seoul

84 Stir, Ho Chi Minh City

85 High Five, Tokyo

86 Hiboru, Taipei

87 The Bellwood, Tokyo

88 The Loft, Bangkok

89 Bar Mood, Taipei

90 Southside Parlor, Seoul

91 Moonrock, Tainan City

92 Barossa Cocktailier, Gifu

93 Wishbone Bar, Semarang

94 Bar D, Fujisawa

95 Barbary Coast, Singapore

96 Blackbird, Kathmandu

97 Backdoor Bodega, George Town

98 Junior the Pocket Bar, Singapore

99 40 Thieves, Kuta

100 Coley, Kuala Lumpur


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