A “New” Italian Food Ranking to Fight About – 50 Top Pizza Arrives to Bangkok | Bangkok Foodies

A “New” Italian Food Ranking to Fight About – 50 Top Pizza Arrives to Bangkok | Bangkok Foodies
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“We are excited to host the first event on this side of the world, and we can already say we had a great response from both the pizzerias in the ranking and local media”, announced Albert Sapere one of the founders of 50 Top Pizza guide in regards to Thailand’s launch of the 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific Launch in Bangkok, Thailand.  

50Top USA 2022
Photo credit: @50toppizza

Bangkok foodies had never heard anything about the awards rankings yet it seems, it’s been around Europe for some time but was yet to reach our humble shores. Although anyone who is familiar with the popular Bangkok Foodies OFFICIAL community knows that Pizzas, Burgers, Mexican Cuisine, and Fine Dining establishments are among the hottest and ‘controversial’ topics. 

Photo credit: @50toppizza

Vittoria Dell’Anna of Virgilio, the company which organises the event and manages the 50 Top Pizza brands in the region, tells Bangkok Foodies, “everything started in 2017, Italy.  50 Top Pizza is a free online guidebook (promoted in Italy by the famous journalists Luciano Pignataro, Albert Sapere, and Barbara Guerra) dedicated to the best pizzerias in Italy and around the world. It is the best-loved guide for enthusiasts and the most coveted by pizza chefs.” And just to give the whole business of pizza ranking more cred, the event will be under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Thailand.

Photo credit: @50toppizza

The 50 Top in Pizza in 2022, will no longer be divided into Japan, Oceania, and Central Asia anymore, but it will cover the entire continent and despite the difficulties to travel, some of the best pizza makers in the area are expected to attend the ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand, along with local and international media and pizza bloggers.

leopard crust making pizza
Photo credit: @leopardcrust

Frankly one of the best Instagram accounts we’ve seen is by one of our own Bangkok-based bloggers Leopard Crust. The pizza aficionado, Feng is an active member of the International pizza community and a Gozney ambassador. Having lived in Melbourne, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Massachusetts, Feng makes pizza that celebrates specialty ingredients from a diverse range of cultures and we love ogling at her pizza creations. She shares with Bangkok Foodies, “I am constantly trying new, original pizza combinations and sharing my love for pizza with customers and aspiring pizza makers.”

Photo credit: @leopardcrust

So how does it work, you ask? Vittoria assures us that all the pizzerias in the guide are reviewed by gastronomy specialists and the reviews (together with the ranking) are shown on the official 50 Top Pizza website. The Bangkok activities and announcement will be held in August with various industry pizza programs.  But how does one judge a pizza for this specific accolade? 

Who else to ask but a Pizza expert, Feng says “There are three key things that separate average pizza from amazing pizza: flavourful dough, quality of ingredients, and the interplay of tastes and textures on the pizza. A wonderful pizza is produced when the pizza maker creates harmony between these elements. In addition to that, I love pizza in all its diverse styles. From rectangular Sicilian-style; to thin, crispy pizza Tonda Romana; to the soft, airy contemporary pizza Canotto and – of course – the beloved traditional, Neapolitan-style.

We couldn’t resist however to ask Feng what she thought of the most contentious pizza topic, yep. Pineapples on Pizza. “I wouldn’t order it personally, but it’s not offensive to me. If you like it, you should be able to have it without being judged!”

As of today, the 50 Top Pizza covers rankings in Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific, and of course Italy! All the “best” pizzerias in the rankings will be admitted to the grand finale in Naples on September 7th. 

Photo credit: @50toppizza

“Ding! Ding! Ding!… Let the judging begin!” 

50 Top Pizza

Via Magna Graecia, 84047 Capaccio SA, Italy

Website: https://www.50toppizza.it/

Facebook / Instagram: 50 Top Pizza

Email: info@50toppizza.com


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