Thai Visa Extension in Hua Hin (Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration)

Thai Visa Extension in Hua Hin (Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration)
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On our recent episode (2022) of “I’m bored, let’s go live somewhere else?” we ended up in Hua Hin for a month which coincided with my inevitable Thai tourist visa extension. This meant tracking down the local immigration office in Hua Hin which is in a very handy location at Bluport Mall. To date, this has been by far the easiest visa extension in Thailand that I’d almost consider travelling down to Hua Hin for a weekend just to sort it out. I do like Hua Hin.


Tourist Visa Extension in Hua Hin (30-Days Extension)

I’ll start with the TLDR version for the 30-day visa extension in Hua Hin and Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Where to Apply for a Visa Extension in Hua Hin?

Bluport Mall (Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration) on the main Phetch Kasem Road in Hua Hin (map here).

What time does Immigration Open for Visa Extensions?

The offices open from 11:00-17:00. This is due to the 11:00AM opening of the Bluport Mall itself.

What Documents do You Need for the Visa Extension?

Below I include what I brought and didn’t bring to give an idea of what you may or may not need.

  1. A completed copy of TM.7 form (download here)
  2. Copy of main passport page
  3. Copy of last arrival stamp
  4. Copy of Departure Card (TM.6)
  5. 2 passport photos (which I was handed back)
  6. Processing fee of 1,900 Baht
  7. They may ask for proof of accommodation (TM.30)

When should I Apply for a Visa Extension?

I normally apply the week before expiration. Either way, the 30-days will be added to the expiration date of the visa rather than the day that you apply for it.


Where to Print Documents in Hua Hin?

For the visa extension application in Hua Hin I needed to both scan (passport pages and TM6) and print from a USB pen (TM.7 application form). For this, I am sure there are many options, but I did not see any print shops on Bluport Mall itself.

Instead, I called into Hua Hin Market Village mall found along the same stretch of road (although they are 1.2km apart so a 10-minute walk between – directions here) where there is a cheap print shop (HHS Copy Market Village) next to the foodcourt on the basement floor. The food court with your traditional Thai food fare opens at 10:00 and the copy shop opens at 10:30.

Prints cost 2 baht per page (A4 Black and White) so it’s 10 baht or less (my TM 7 was printed double sided so 8 baht) for all the required documents for the visa extension. They also have a Facebook/messenger to send documents in advance (Facebook here).


How Long Does the Application Take?

It took 30-minute of queueing outside in the air-conditioned mall, with comfy seats, and it’s a relatively stress-free experience overall. It then takes 5-mins for the visa extension application itself. I was back out the doors at 11:35AM so it was 35-minutes in total for the Thai Visa Extension in Hua Hin.

If I include the printing: I arrived to Market Village at 10:10AM for a late breakfast at the food court. The print shop then opens at 10:30AM and the documents take 5-mins at most to print. I filled in the TM.7 form at a food court table. I walked to the Bluport Mall for the 11:00 AM opening of the immigration office.



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