Would You Like Coffee with Those Fries? Grabs Food Captures an Audience with Spin on Food & Drink

Would You Like Coffee with Those Fries? Grabs Food Captures an Audience with Spin on Food & Drink
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Remember Chef Taiki Rattanapong from Homeburg? We made some waves over the years over his painstaking burger making which created weeks on the waiting list demand, now he’s back with “Ultrasonic Fries’ and other experimental concoctions, collaborating with Nana Coffee Roasters for the Grab Food Thailand Pop/Up Table series with The Standard Pop.

The public collaboration event was a success, selling out in record time. It appears that the young generation or hungry (and thirsty) for comfort food with apparent complexity.

Chef Taiki Rattanapong of Homeburg

Creator of Bangkok Viral Burger Discovers the “Perfect” Fries | Bangkok Foodies

These ‘sensational’ fries, although simply just fries were admittedly more delicious than your average burger joint fries, fluffy on the inside, like mash and chunky, and crips on the outer. Taki uses a GT SONIC: Professional UltraSonic Cleaner, typically used to clean metal tools, jewelry, glass frames, and so on. We’re assured they are perfectly safe to eat! We would absolutely hope so. Paired with Nana Roaster’s Dirty Coffee, the marriage was suitable.

Homeburg 2

Most curious was what appeared to be half a burger on our plate! Taki calls it “I Don’t Know What to Call It Kind of Bun” and I have to say the no-name is fitting in this case because we have no idea either! An inspiration from the Homeburg menu, Taki uses Italian Bread called Maritozzo, stuffed with Japanese egg salad and spicy Nduja sausage.

Homeburg 3

Think of a savoury donut who got into a fight with a French toast but the Japanese sandwich came and brought everyone back together, despite its unfinished, slimy look, it does work in ways. The bun was paired with Nana Coffee Roaster’s Kombucha Berry Drinking fermented tea, which was a refreshing and sweet compliment. 

Homeburg 4

The chicken though, surprised me, not in regards to taste but I believe as many realised that Taki can actually cook, beyond burgers and fries. That tenderness of chicken combined with that chunky crispy skin was most memorable in terms of technique and taste. Served with battered and fried brussels sprouts with fish sauce, dried fish kombu, pumpkin puree, and beurre blanc sauce.

homeburg 5

Out of the lot, this last coffee by Nana Coffee Roasters felt more like ‘me’, given its similarity to an “Old Fashion” in both look and taste ( minus the booze *crying face* ). A wise choice though, given it was only 3 pm on a Friday afternoon. Oh well, you gotta start sometime!

Thank you to Grab Food Thailand and The Standard Pop for a titillating afternoon. Looking forward to the next collab! 

Watch this space! grabfoodth 

homeburg 6

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