Twitter is a bit broken for anyone trying to tweet right now

Twitter is a bit broken for anyone trying to tweet right now
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Twitter appears to be having technical issues, with users reporting that they’re unable to tweet, that their DMs have disappeared, and that they’re not able to access things like TweetDeck. Downdetector shows that there are currently around 7,100 people reporting problems with the site.

While tweets seem to be visible, several Verge staff members report that they get a message saying they’re “over the daily limit for sending Tweets” whenever they try to post or retweet someone else’s post. Some Twitter users say they’re able to schedule tweets in the future and that they’ll go through, but that trick doesn’t seem to be completely reliable.

Some of our staff have also been logged out of TweetDeck and are unable to get back in. Going to shows a log-in button (it shouldn’t, given that we’re already logged in on Twitter), and clicking on it just blanks out the screen before refreshing the page.

It’s currently unclear what’s causing the issues, but Twitter’s likely gearing up for a big change. Last week, the company announced that it’d mostly be turning off free access for its API starting tomorrow, and making changes to a core system could have unintended consequences.

We’d reach out to Twitter for comment, but the company no longer has a communications department that responds to inquiries. Neither Twitter Support nor Elon Musk has posted anything addressing the issue — perhaps they’re trying but are getting error messages, too.


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