Microsoft envisions a new way of web browsing with Edge

Microsoft envisions a new way of web browsing with Edge
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Microsoft seems to be planning to add mouse gestures to Edge in order to give users a fresh set of options for performing common actions, despite indications in the past that this feature is not something that’ll be supported.

Neowin (opens in new tab) reports that Edge policy documents (opens in new tab) have recently been updated to include a section on configuring the mouse gesture feature, with support planned to debut in version 112 of Edge, according to the documentation.

In other words, this feature isn’t even in testing yet, but it should be inbound for beta versions of Microsoft’s web browser before too long.

Mouse gestures are used in other browsers to great effect, so for example, you hold the right button and move the mouse up or down, left or right, or draw some kind of pattern to activate a corresponding action.

Analysis: Welcome to the world of power browsing

This is pretty nifty stuff for those who like to use shortcuts, and power users in particular. It can put a whole lot of actions easily within convenient reach, so you can accomplish common tasks like refreshing a web page, for example, or closing a tab, with just a swish of your mouse.

What’s a bit odd here is that Microsoft has previously said this feature wouldn’t be coming to Edge. In fact, mouse gestures have been a popular request when it comes to feedback for what Microsoft can do to make Edge better, but in the past, the software giant hasn’t paid much heed to those cries.

Indeed, as Neowin points out, in a recent feedback summary on possible Edge additions for November 2022, just a few months ago, support for mouse gestures was marked as “not planned”.

It seems something has changed since then, and Microsoft has started listening – hopefully. We’ll find out soon enough, as Edge 112 is only a couple of versions away (the beta is currently v110).

Another change that could be incoming for Edge is that rounded corners might be debuting in the browser – in a big (and rather divisive) way.


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