This European nation is officially the most creative online

This European nation is officially the most creative online
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A new global study found that Iceland is leading the way in creative activity online.

Of the top 30 countries web hosting provider Hostinger analyzed that ranked highest in online creativity activity, the data shows that 23 can be found in Europe.

In terms of website and app creation and GitHub commits, Cyprus leads the way in terms of mobile app creation; Singapore and Hong Kong are the frontrunners for Github commits; and the USA ranks first for most websites created (generic TLDs).

Creative websites in Europe 

With the continuing growth of the internet, the report marks Cyprus’ app creation as one of the economy’s strengths, even from an income perspective.

Hostinger says that Fintech powerhouses, like Switzerland, Netherlands, and Denmark, have among the highest number of website launches on the continent, indicating that website design and development are still substantial economic drivers on the continent.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for Hostinger noted: “We often don’t stop and think about what online creativity is or how it can be measured. It’s been fascinating to see just how different economies are shaped by different types of web development endeavors. 

“This study also opened our eyes to some emerging economies where the online revolution has just started, and it’s exciting to be in the forefront of all these new technologies.” 

Overall online creativity frontrunners include Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, while leaders in mobile app development include Cyprus, Israel, and Singapore.

When it comes to leaders in website development, the USA, Malta and Iceland take the lead for generic TLDs, as the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Denmark sit at the top of the table for country-code TLDs.

The top three countries taking the lead in GitHub activity include Singapore, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.


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