Tenuta Viglione’s Wines Launched in Bangkok

Tenuta Viglione’s Wines Launched in Bangkok
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Brought to you by Tenuta Viglione

The organic Italian winery celebrated the start of operation in Thailand, at Sofitel Sukhumvit hotel

On Saturday 22nd April the Italian winery Tenuta Viglione presented a selection of premium organic wines to a public of traders and wine-lovers in the slick atmosphere of the swimming pool area of the Sofitel Sukhumvit Hotel. A networking event to celebrate the landing of Viglione’s organic wines in Thailand, with a selection of 3 different organic labels – two red and one white wine.

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Tenuta Viglione is a family-run winery with a quite limited production on over 160 hectares. The winery was established in 1937 by the grandfather of the current owner and produces organic wines since 1987. It is based in Puglia, which is an Italian south-eastern region, in the area of the Gioia del Colle PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin). Vineyards are located on an average altitude of 400 meters above the sea level, where the thermic excursion between day and night grants to the wine a marked acidity. On the other hand, the clayey and calcareous soil gives the wines of this area their typical minerality.

These notes are particularly clear in the Verdeca Maioliche 2021, with its signature fresh, sapid, and mineral palate combined with the characteristic nose of aromatic herbs, notes of citrus and peach, and bright straw-yellow colour, tending to golden.

From the same collection, also Nero di Troia 2021 was presented, with its typical ruby red colour, evolving to garnet with the aging, the rich and spicy aromas of blackberry and cherry in spirit, and its enchanting and full taste, elegant tannins and fulfilling sapidity.

The third wine offered for the tasting was the surprising Susumaniello Morso Rosso 2021, part of the “Prestige” collection: floral and punchy aromatics, showing cherry, violet and black olive. Big and bold style with taut acidity and refined tannins make this wine particularly elegant, but still fresh and balanced.

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Overall, the three wines are made in purity by native Apulian grapes which are quite unusual in Thailand – where the best-known Apulian varieties are Primitivo and Negroamaro.    

“Our range of wines encompasses of course other great red wines of Puglia, for instance the multiply awarded Marpione Gioia del Colle Primitivo PDO”, explains the SEA Marketing Director Ruenruedee Prachayaphruet. “But we chose to start with these three varieties to emphasize how wide and still unknown the wine production of Puglia is – and how many hidden gems are to be discovered. Apulian wine today is capable of showing off widespread quality at a level that surprises even the most experienced taster, and the best results are probably achieved with local varieties that are grown there since centuries, if not millennia”.

The labels presented in Bangkok are available in Thailand already, in a range of well selected restaurants and hotels, but the goal for the next months is to increase their number with a wider choice of red, rosé, and sparkling wines.

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Tenuta Viglione’s wines

Tenuta Viglione
SP140, 3, 3, 70029 Santeramo in Colle BA, Italy

Tel: +39 080 212 3661
Email: info@tenutaviglione.com
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